How to buy Azure in the Australia Central Regions

Identify the region that fits your needs

Australia Central is designed for Australian and New Zealand government and critical infrastructure organisations and their suppliers. With the highest number of international and local security certifications as well as SCEC Zone 4 certification, Australia Central provides the most secure public cloud facility in Australia, available at the same price as Australia East.

The two Australia Central regions are recommended based on distinct needs.

For disaster resilience outside of Australia Central, we recommend using tools like Azure Site Recovery in Australia East as part of your disaster recovery solution.

  • For immediate access to Azure, including new services, we recommend deploying into Canberra, using Australia Central as your primary region.
  • For high availability and regional disaster recovery that includes automated backup, pair resources in Australia Central with Australia Central 2. If you already have Azure, request access to Australia Central 2 to get started.

Choose from purchasing options

Services in Australia Central can be purchased in the same ways as any other Azure service. Choose the option that works best for your organisation. Or use any of the options simultaneously.

Purchase directly from Microsoft

Get the same Azure pricing, whether you create an account through the Azure website or through your Microsoft representative.

Purchase through the Azure website

This is the fastest and easiest way for organisations of all sizes to pay for using Azure.

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Purchase through your Microsoft representative

This approach is intended for large organisations and customers who already have a Microsoft representative. To purchase this way, contact your established representative or contact us.

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Purchase from a Microsoft partner

Get help from a partner who understands government and critical infrastructure organisations. Partners offer off-the-shelf and custom solutions to optimise your deployment.

Find solution partners who build on Azure and can help you extend your platform.

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Try and deploy cloud software built by Microsoft partners, including Azure building blocks and finished solutions.

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