Azure Australia Central Regions for partners

Unlock new markets and drive innovation with governments, critical national infrastructure and their suppliers.

  • Deliver unmatched security, protection and compliance
  • Develop powerful new applications to address unmet needs
  • Build using the tools and languages you already know
  • Deploy to four Azure regions across Australia
  • Integrate with existing government infrastructure to offer fast, secure, cost-effective connectivity

Opportunity for Australian and New Zealand partners

Sell your cloud apps and products, build new offerings and provide ongoing services and support for governments and critical national infrastructure organisations looking to overcome key challenges. The Azure Australia Central Regions in Canberra offer unprecedented security, compliance, flexibility and connectivity for clients and vast new opportunities for partners.

Open new sales channels

Target highly regulated government clients, critical national infrastructure organisations and their suppliers. Do so with confidence, knowing that Azure is the hyperscale cloud designed, operated and certified to manage Australian Government PROTECTED data in compliance with the Protective Security Policy Framework.

Deliver more innovative, future-ready apps

Use Azure tools and frameworks to embed artificial intelligence into your apps, helping your clients improve lives and the world we live in.

Develop your solutions, your way

Azure is the platform for open-source software in the cloud. By supporting the broadest range of tools, languages and frameworks, including Linux and open-source, Azure lets you build specifically to your customers’ business needs.

Offer flexible, hybrid solutions

Only Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack let you design, build and deploy applications with the freedom to choose between public and private cloud. Co-locate existing mission-critical systems with the hyperscale cloud, so you can help your clients transform on their own terms.

Reduce your clients’ network costs and connections

Lower network costs and improve performance by connecting via Azure ExpressRoute from the government’s Intra Government Communications Network (ICON) or deploy your own specialised network.

Bring solutions to market faster

Help your customers save time and money by using Azure services to design, test and deploy new apps. Then deploy wherever and whenever you need to.

Reinforce your disaster-resilience offering with multiple locations

Only Azure delivers cloud from four Australian regions—in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra—with more options for high availability and disaster resilience than any other cloud provider.

Azure Australia Central Partner opportunity overview

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Start selling with a Marketing and PR Toolkit

Promote your Azure partner offerings using a toolkit for partners in the Azure Australia Central Regions. This includes a range of customisable assets: email templates, website copy, a solution overview template, a sales presentation and more.

We are here to help

To learn more about the Azure Australia Central Regions, please contact your partner development manager or contact us.