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Build exceptional iOS and Android games with Azure

For a limited time, claim $2500 of free gaming services with PlayFab and App Center

Limited to the first 1000 registrants. Promotion ends on 31st May.

PlayFab Indie Studio

PlayFab Indie Studio

12-month subscription

Device Testing Service

Device Testing Service

12-month subscription

Azure free account

Azure free account

30-day credit


What can I do with these free services?

Build, test and monetise your next hit mobile game with a complete toolset across PlayFab, App Center and Azure.

How do I claim this promotion?

Step 1 of 3: Sign in

Enter your Azure subscription ID to register for this promotion. (You can find your subscription ID in the top right corner of the Azure portal.) If you do not have one yet, create a free Azure account now.

This promotional offer is available to the first 1000 registrants and ends on 31st May.

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What can I expect from PlayFab and App Center?


Full-stack LiveOps and real-time control

Grow fearlessly with a complete set of back-end features. Track players across multiple devices, store and manage player data in the cloud and segment your audience in real time.

Drive more engagement in your game. Customise and display around the current player or from any position. Leaderboards can be reset on a fixed schedule or manually at any time.

Create and manage an in-game economy with virtual currencies, inventories and catalogs, gifting and trading, payment processing, receipt validation and more.

Understand your players to build a better game. PlayFab offers real-time dashboards, full-text event search and a way to export data events in real time.

Host events, run experiments and reward your players. Manage your game configuration remotely, store and distribute game files, trigger actions from real-time events and schedule tasks.

App Center

Ship five-star games your users will love

Automate your game testing on thousands of real devices and hundreds of configurations in the cloud. Ship five-star games quickly and confidently.

Instantly get your games in the hands of your beta testers and users on iOS, Android and Windows. Target different beta testers with specific features. Seamlessly deliver and deploy your games to internal app stores (Intune), Google Play and the Apple store on demand.

Monitor the health of your game with advanced capabilities such as intelligent crash grouping and management, faster debugging with symbolication and detailed crash reports. Get notified and fix issues as they come up.

Get deep, real-time insights and analytics reports about user sessions, top devices and OS versions, behavioural analytics and event trackers for your iOS, Android and Windows games.

Integrate push notifications into your iOS and Android games in a few easy steps. Segment your audience and engage them with targeted messaging at the right time.

Fluffy Fairy Games
"We ended up with world-class features and infrastructure by using PlayFab and Azure, and these services can grow to meet our needs."

Oliver Löffler, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Fluffy Fairy Games

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