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Linux Virtual Machines

750 hours B1S VM

Windows Virtual Machines

750 hours B1S VM

Managed Disks

64 GB x 2 2 P6 SDDs

Blob Storage

5 GB LRS hot block

File Storage

5 GB LRS File Storage

SQL Database

250 GB

Azure Cosmos DB

5 GB 400 requests units

Bandwidth (Data Transfer)

15 GB outbound

Text Analytics

5,000 S tier

Anomaly Detector

20,000 S0 tier

Form Recogniser

500 S0 tier

Ink Recogniser

2,000 S0 tier


50,000 S0 tier

Content Moderator

10,000 S0 tier

Custom Vision

10,000 S0 tier

Computer Vision

5,000 S1 tier

Language Understanding

10,000 S0 tier

QnA Maker

3 Days S0 tier


30,000 S0 tier

Translator Text

20,00,000 S0 tier

Active Directory

5,00,000 objects

Machine Learning Studio

100 modules per experiment

Microsoft IoT Hub

8,000 messages per day

Machine Learning

Free Workspaces

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App Service

10 web, mobile or API apps


10,00,000 requests per month

Event Grid

1,00,000 operations per month

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)


DevTest Labs


Active Directory B2C

50,000 authentications per month