Azure Ruby Compute

Virtual Machines

Tutorial: Host a Ruby on Rails Web App using Linux Virtual Machine

Learn how to host a Ruby on Rails-based website on Azure using a Linux virtual machine.

Development Guidance

How to: Configure a custom domain name for an Azure cloud service or storage account

By default, Azure applications and storage accounts can be accessed through friendly subdomains, for example, http://<myapp> and https://<mydata> This article shows how you can expose your application and data on your own custom domain, such as http://<myapp>.com.

Guidance: Azure Service Bus for hybrid solutions

This topic provides an overview of how you can use Azure Service Bus to communicate between apps in the cloud and on-premises.


Feature guide: Develop and deploy with PowerShell for Azure

Windows PowerShell for Azure provides a command-line environment for developing and deploying applications for Azure through Windows PowerShell cmdlets. This guide describes how to use Windows PowerShell cmdlets to create, test, deploy, and manage Azure Services.

Feature guide: Develop and deploy with Command-Line Tools for Mac and Linux

The Azure Command-Line Tools for Mac and Linux are a set of command-line tools for deploying and managing Azure services. Use the command-line tools to create and manage websites and virtual machines in Azure.