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Featured customer-submitted story: ozBeanz

ozBeanz is a cloud solutions integrator based in Queensland, Australia. Asian Business Software Solutions contracted ozBeanz to design, engineer and deliver a solution for their client Singapore Telecom (SingTel) to bring the MYOB accounting desktop application to the Southeast Asian market in a cloud delivery model. ozBeanz, in partnership with Mtechnology Services, developed an Azure RemoteApp solution which includes an adapter so clients subscribe to the service using the SingTel MyBusiness Portal and provision Azure resources automatically.

Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight generally available

Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight offers customers a fully managed, secured and highly available enterprise-ready Apache Spark solution. Apache Spark is one of the most popular big-data projects. It is known for handling large-scale data applications in memory, for queries which are up to 100 times faster. Apache Spark lets users do batch and interactive queries, real-time streaming, machine learning and graph processing—all with a common execution model.

Log Analytics in Microsoft Operations Management Suite available in additional regions

Log Analytics in Microsoft Operations Management Suite is now available in Australia Southeast and Southeast Asia, as well as regions where it was already available: East US and West Europe. You can create a Log Analytics workspace directly from Azure or from Operations Management Suite. Log Analytics helps you collect, store and analyse log data; troubleshoot incidents; and gain consistent visibility across on-premises and cloud resources. To find out how you can try Log Analytics for free, visit the Microsoft Operations Management Suite website.

Azure Search S3 and S3 High Density tiers in public preview and Basic tier generally available

We have introduced new Standard tier options into public preview: S3 and S3 High Density. The Basic tier is now generally available. Compared to S2, the S3 tier delivers double the storage and number of documents hosted within your Azure Search service and offers lower latency for large datasets. S3 High Density lets customers deliver unique search experiences within applications that support a multitenant environment. Azure Search helps developers build rich, first-class search experiences into their applications. Bring your data and a few lines of code, Azure Search takes care of the rest. With these new options, it is even easier to start and grow with Azure Search.

Upcoming Events

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
10 July 2016
Toronto, Canada

Cisco Live
10 July 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada

ChefConf 2016
11 July 2016
Austin, Texas

Visual Studio Live!
8 August 2016
Redmond, Washington

LinuxCon North America 2016
22 August 2016
Toronto, Canada

Microsoft Developer Camps

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Editor's Note

Apple FairPlay Streaming for Azure Media Services in public preview

If you want to stream premium content to Apple TV, you need to use Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) technology. Building this solution can be tedious. That is why we are offering the public preview for Apple FairPlay Streaming service. We hide all the complexities so you can easily build a FairPlay Streaming solution programmatically via APIs. With support for FairPlay, PlayReady and Widevine, Azure Media Services now provides a truly multi-DRM (digital rights management) solution for streaming VOD and live content, so you can reach a wide audience on various devices easily and quickly. For more information and to learn how to get started, read the Stream premium content to Apple TV with Azure Media Services blog post.

New compute optimised instances, F-Series, for Azure Virtual Machines

The F-Series instances are optimised for compute intensive workloads and are based on 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2673 v3 (Haswell) processor, which can achieve clock speeds as high as 3.2 GHz with the Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0. These sizes have the same CPU performance as the Dv2-Series at a lower per hour price, making these sizes the best value in price performance on Azure. These virtual machines are available in 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 core sizes with 2 GB random-access memory (RAM) and 8 GB of local solid state drive (SSD) per CPU core and have options for both standard and premium storage optimised sizes. These sizes are best suited for scenarios such as analytics, web and gaming servers and batch processing and also those which do not require as much memory or SSD per CPU core. For more information, please visit the Azure Blog.

Azure DocumentDB goes planet scale with multi-region replication and new regions

Azure DocumentDB multi-region database accounts are now generally available. DocumentDB enables highly available applications with global reach by offering multi-region data replication for low latency access to application data with predictable data consistency. The DocumentDB regional homing APIs allow for seamless failover without modifying application code. These multi-region database accounts are available in all DocumentDB regions including newly available regions: North Central US, Canada Central and Canada East.

Azure DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB now in public preview

Azure DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB is in public preview and available in all DocumentDB regions. DocumentDB is the fully managed NoSQL database service on Azure that provides low-latency, automatically indexed data. For more information and to learn how to create an account, visit our documentation webpage.

Azure Redis Cache Premium tier available in India and Canada

The Azure Redis Cache Premium tier is enterprise ready. It can be used as a cache and to persist data for resiliency against potential data loss. This tier is designed for maximum scale and enterprise integration. The Premium tier is now generally available in India and Canada; Basic and Standard tiers were already available. In these regions, the service is using regional metres for the Premium tier only. For more information, visit the Redis Cache documentation webpage.

8000 Series Update 2.1 available for StorSimple

StorSimple 8000 Series Update 2.1 is a software-only release for the 8100 and 8600 hybrid storage arrays. This is a minor version release to deliver enhancements to existing features/functionality. There are several enhancements in the Update 2.1 software release including enhancements to optimise snapshots, cleanup of deleted data and dynamic throttling of IOs during local volume conversions. Enterprise Agreement customers will be able to download Update 2.1 using StorSimple in the Azure portal via Microsoft Update.

StorSimple supports Cool storage

Cool storage is supported as a cloud storage destination for StorSimple. Cool storage offers low cost cloud storage for data less frequently accessed and has similar durability, consistency and security as standard storage for long lived data. This is beneficial for a StorSimple customer storing data not regularly accessed, such as archive or backup data where the workload profile is write-once, read-sometimes. The Cool storage option is available to new or existing Enterprise Agreement customers running the StorSimple 8000 Series Update 2.1 (or later) and latest version of the StorSimple Virtual Array. For more information, please visit the Azure Blog.

Changes to Azure Batch

Starting on 5 July 2016, Azure Batch on the Azure classic portal will be redirected to the Azure portal. When this redirect takes place, the link to manage the Batch Apps preview will no longer be available in the classic portal.

Windows 10 Enterprise State Roaming via Azure Active Directory Premium generally available

Generally available as a feature of Azure Active Directory Premium, Enterprise State Roaming in Windows 10 gives users a unified experience across devices. It allows the use of work or school identities to synchronise user settings and modern app data using the Azure cloud for storage. Enterprise users benefit from a unified experience across their Azure Active Directory-joined Windows 10 devices and are protected from modern app data loss due to hardware failure, theft, or device replacement. Enterprises benefit from enhanced security and better control on the enterprise data. All data is encrypted with Azure Rights Management before leaving the device.

Be Empowered

Infographic: A visual guide to Azure

One of our most popular conference giveaways is also one of our most useful. If you are just starting your cloud provider research and want a fast introduction to Azure, we hope this infographic will help jumpstart your education. Download the Azure infographic series. These information-packed posters practically fly off our conference tables. They give newbies and veterans alike a helpful, at-a-glance overview of the Azure universe.

The Microsoft Ignite session catalogue is here

The Microsoft Ignite session catalogue is live! Built to surface exactly the right content for you from a huge (and growing) breadth of material, the catalogue embodies our promise of a full-scale, full-tilt enterprise tech conference which leaves you richly informed and inspired. Check out all of our Azure sessions, get excited about what is to come and plan to join us in Atlanta this September! See the sessions.

Free e-book: Microsoft Azure Essentials Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure

This free Microsoft Press e-book helps SQL Server database users understand Microsoft’s offering for SQL Server in Azure. Learn how SQL Server in Azure is similar to SQL Server in an on-premises environment and how it differs. Download now.

Web Apps feature of Azure App Service introduces local cache

Azure Friday’s Scott Hanselman learns how local cache works, including how it changes the behaviour of your web apps and how they load, run and write to disk. Check it out.

Learn how to build web and mobile apps quickly

Azure App Service enables you to easily create, consume and orchestrate web and mobile applications. Combined with secured on-premises connective and isolated environments, App Service offers end-to-end solutions to enable a mobile workforce. Watch the video to learn more and then be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for other how-to videos.

Fostering customer loyalty and unlocking new business value

This on-demand webinar sheds light on current opportunities in the manufacturing industry and explains how our digital solutions can meet them. Learn more about the physical-to-digital evolution of manufacturing; how to get a competitive edge by providing value-added services to your product offering; how to enhance the customer experience by allowing visibility into product usage after the sale and how connectivity and insight can up your value and increase productivity. Register to view this webinar on demand.

Missed the "Create native iOS and Android apps with Visual Studio and Xamarin" webinar?

Learn how Xamarin and Microsoft enable you to own the full development lifecycle and how to apply C# and Visual Studio skills for mobile development. See how Xamarin creates fully native mobile apps for iOS and Android and investigate multiple development approaches using the Xamarin.Forms library. Experience the full end-to-end mobile development lifecycle: build, test, distribute and learn. Watch on demand.

Cloud Cover: Using Docker Machine with Azure

In this episode, learn about using Docker Machine to create a new virtual machine on a local laptop using VirtualBox. Find out how to use the Azure driver to create a new virtual machine and resource group, as well as all other items necessary to run the virtual machine, with Docker setup. Finally, deploy a web server to the Azure virtual machine and see how to shut down and delete all resources using Docker Machine

You may also be interested in learning about Bot Framework and Azure Functions.

Top five security threats facing your business and how to respond

The digital world requires new approaches to protect against, detect and respond to security threats. In this 29 June 2016, webinar, learn how to protect against identity compromise and discover breaches before they cause damage. You can ensure device security while enabling mobile work for your users. Get the unique perspective Microsoft brings to cybersecurity.

Register now.

Technology, privacy and public safety: when worlds collide

This on-demand webinar gives viewers a thought-provoking perspective on data privacy in a world of accelerating tech growth and escalating geopolitical risk. Join Microsoft executives Neal Suggs (Vice President, Deputy General Counsel) and Nate Jones (Senior Attorney), both from the Legal & Corporate Affairs Group at Microsoft, for this informative webinar on the crucial societal issues of security, privacy and law enforcement access to data in the new world of cloud services. Watch now.

Wowza Media Systems webinar - Five lessons learned: a live-streaming event success story

Wowza Media Systems, Teradek and Azure recently came together to stream the NAB Live Show. Learn about technical components and setup for live event broadcasts. View the on-demand webinar.

Watch how Alaska Airlines uses Azure

Hear from Alaska Airlines Director of App Architecture, Mike Lorengo, on their "Cloud First, Mobile Only" vision and how they are finding success using Azure API Management. Alaska uses our DevOps capabilities in Visual Studio Team Services and Azure to build an agile, continuous-delivery capability, enabling them to rapidly add new features and potentially extend the technology to a further 100 projects across the organisation. Watch this video to learn more.

Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts (classroom)

This three-day instructor-led course provides an in-depth discussion of and practical, hands-on training for Azure infrastructure services (IaaS) including Azure Virtual Machines, Storage, Virtual Network and deployment options. Students participate in several architecture design sessions to help prepare for real-world scenarios. Find a Microsoft Learning Partner and register for a class near you.

Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts (on demand)

This self-paced, digital course provides an in-depth description and hands-on training for Azure infrastructure services (IaaS) including Azure Virtual Machines, Storage, Virtual Network and deployment options. Register for this free on-demand course.

Understanding advanced analytics to build a stronger retail customer experience

During this on-demand webinar, we cut through the hype around advanced analytics and learn about lead generation, targeting, and innovation in customer experiences with the help of advanced analytics. Discover the power of breaking down silos in capturing, analysing and executing data-driven decisions throughout your organisation. We show you best practices and the tools you can use to capitalise on advanced analytics, as well as how other companies are using advanced analytics to optimise operations.

Running SAP workloads on Azure

Azure is an enterprise-proven cloud platform which provides unparallelled performance and can handle the largest SAP HANA workloads of any hyperscale cloud provider. Now you can benefit from expanded support for SAP applications on Azure to run your mission-critical SAP workloads. For more than 20 years, Microsoft and SAP have been committed to delivering innovation for our joint customers. In this on-demand webinar, hear from our solution executives on ways to leverage your investments in SAP to drive customer value. Learn about SAP applications on Azure and HANA on Azure. Get architectural guidance and see a demo of HANA deployment on Azure native virtual machines.

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*Comic source: Reprinted with permission.

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CycloMedia: Turning digital imagery into maps faster with Azure

Humans have always relied on maps to navigate the world. From the earliest “star maps” and simple visual drawings found in prehistoric caves of local landscape features, to the visually ornate and detailed cartographic representations of the Age of Exploration, we have sought to understand our world and our place in it. Over the centuries, mapmaking has gotten better and more accurate—and how we interact with those maps has changed.

Learn More

The Royal Agricultural Society creates fertile digital foundation in Azure to seed innovation

The Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales (RAS) has operated the Sydney Royal Easter Show since 1823. The two-week, “city meets country” event draws hundreds of thousands of people who come to have fun, eat and compete in events, as well as buy and sell livestock, crops and consumer goods. The RAS realised it could learn a lot more about attendees including which venues people most enjoyed, which ones they would like added to the show and where they planned on spending their money.

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Couchbase Server is the database for the digital economy

Couchbase Server is an open-source, multimodel NoSQL-distributed database with web-scale performance, massive scalability and always-on availability. It supports large datasets on public cloud infrastructure with a high number of concurrent reads and writes, while maintaining low latency and strong consistency. Couchbase Mobile provides offline-first support for apps that are always available and responsive, even when networks are slow.

Azure Marketplace

Featured: F5’s "Try Azure Now" Programme for BIG-IP VE in Azure Marketplace

Maintain control over your applications by providing enterprise-ready security and performance across on-premises datacentres and cloud environments. With F5 BIG-IP VEs for Azure, your apps are fast, scalable and highly available anywhere, anytime and you will achieve the consistent policies needed to realise an agile hybrid-cloud architecture. From 20 June to 30 September 2016, F5 is providing free 30-day trial licence keys and assistance with Azure—contact F5 for more information.

Visit Marketplace page

Featured: Monitor the cost of IT infrastructure using Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser is architected from the ground up to transform IT data into business information, so you can maximise the value of your cloud investments. Data collection, mapping and analytics are all provided in a single application. Intuitive and designed to be up and running in just minutes, business, IT and finance teams can configure and customise Cloud Cruiser for their own purposes.

Visit Marketplace page

New: MariaDB Enterprise Cluster and MaxScale

MariaDB has just launched MariaDB Enterprise High-Availability Cluster with MaxScale in Azure Marketplace. This new offer helps you to deploy your production-ready public cloud database in minutes using the next-generation MySQL-based technology your team already knows. Get MariaDB’s expert support and services with the convenience of the Azure platform.

Visit Marketplace page

Editor's Note


It is hard to believe that another fiscal year is ending at Microsoft! We have some exciting things planned for the newsletter for next fiscal year, so stay tuned. In the meantime, did you notice the infographic we included in the Be Empowered section? It is a great overview of Azure whether you are just learning about it or have been with us for a long time.