Run Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Azure

Accelerate your digital transformation. Streamline application development cycles and build and operate cloud-native, enterprise Java apps with a comprehensive, continuous-delivery platform.

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Build and deploy cloud-native applications

A cloud-native platform based on open source technology, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) enables you to deliver new experiences to your customers, rapidly and repeatedly. Use any language or runtime and leverage various backing services (such as MySQL, RabbitMQ and Redis) to defer much of the operational complexity to the platform.

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Speed time to value

Launch new features in minutes, not weeks. With first-class support for Spring, the premier Java application framework, you can combine PCF with Spring, Spring Cloud and Spring Boot to accelerate time to value for your enterprise apps. PCF also supports Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Go, .NET and many others.

Why Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Azure?

  • More regions, more flexibility

    Choose the right site for your PCF deployments to ensure proximity to users. Azure has more regions than other public cloud providers and gives you more flexibility for data sovereignty and other regulatory scenarios

  • Differentiated services

    The Azure Service Broker exposes Azure services such as Storage, Azure SQL Database, Service Bus, DocumentDB and Redis Cache natively through PCF, so your cloud-native apps benefit from Azure’s unique capabilities.

  • Integrated support, deep partnership

    Get seamless support for your enterprise because Microsoft and Pivotal have integrated support teams and workflows, along with joint engineering teams.

Enable stronger DevOps

Extend your PCF deployment with native Azure services. Offer your developers a production-ready, application-container runtime and fully-automated service deployments. Meanwhile, operations teams sleep easier with the visibility and control of platform-enforced policies and automated lifecycle management.