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New Windows Azure Videos Now Available on Channel 9

Posted on 12 September, 2010

General Manager, Cloud Platform Marketing

Want to watch the experts discuss the Windows Azure platform and hear their tips to help you get started?  Then you'll want to take a look at these four videos that were just posted to Bytes by MSDN on Channel 9.


Bytes by MSDN: Adam Grocholski and Mickey Williams discuss Cloud Computing

In this video, Adam Grocholski and Mickey Williams talk about Thor, one of Adam's latest projects designed to help people get real-world experience using Windows Azure. Adam is a Microsoft .NET consultant and an early adopter of new technologies such as Silverlight and Windows Azure and the founder of the Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group.  Mickey is vice president of the Technology Platform Group at Neudisc and a frequent contributor on Channel 9.

Bytes by MSDN: Chip Aubry and Mike Benkovich discuss Silverlight and Windows Azure

Watch Microsoft Senior Developer Evangelist Mike Benkovich and Chip Aubry, director of technology at Tribal DDB, talk about how DBB client McDonalds leverages Silverlight and Windows Azure to create and host their promotions.

Bytes by MSDN: Dianne O'Brien and Joe Healy discuss Windows Azure

In this video, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Joe Healy talks with Dianne O'Brien, senior director of Business Planning and Operations for Windows Azure, chat about Cloud economics and associated benefits.

Bytes by MSDN: Bill Lodin and Mickey Williams discuss Windows Azure Resources

In this short interview with Mickey, Bill Lodin, Vice President of IT Mentors, shares his advice about how to delve into Windows Azure and suggests several useful resources to check out.