Lower your encoding costs with Azure Media Encoder

Posted on 1 October, 2014

Principal Program Manager, Azure Media Services
As announced on our pricing page, we have introduced a new pricing model for encoding that charges only on the output gigabytes. The earlier/legacy model would charge for input and output gigabytes. To support this new model, on Oct 1, 2014, we have deployed a new media processor: Azure Media Encoder, version 4.0. This encoder is identical in capabilities to the previous encoder (Windows Azure Media Encoder), but will bill only on output gigabytes. Changing your workflow to use the new encoder requires only a string change. If you are using C# code based on our Quickstart examples, just use:
IMediaProcessor processor = GetLatestMediaProcessorByName("Azure Media Encoder");
You can continue to use the same encoding presets as before, and all the advanced features described in this blog are supported.