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Azure updates

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    September 2018

    24 Sep

    Logic Apps available in Azure China cloud

    Logic Apps is available in the Azure China cloud.

    24 Sep

    Azure Logic Apps

    Announcing two new enhancements for Logic Apps in public preview.

    24 Sep

    New Logic Apps extension for Visual Studio Code

    A new Logic Apps extension for Visual Studio Code is now available in preview that enables developers to do more with a first-party development experience.

    6 Sep

    Announcing general availability of Azure IoT Hub integration with Azure Event Grid

    The integration will simplify the architecture and development of IoT applications.

    June 2018

    12 Jun

    Logic Apps available in US Gov

    Logic Apps is available in the US Gov Texas region.

    May 2018

    18 May

    Public preview: Query across applications in log alerts

    Cross-app query support is in preview, as part of log alerts for Application Insights.

    7 May

    Public preview: Azure Blockchain Workbench

    Quickly start and scale blockchain projects with Azure Blockchain Workbench.

    April 2018

    2 Apr

    Power BI Embedded supports additional mobile gestures

    Support for double-click and swipe gestures in reports is now available for Power BI Embedded visuals.

    2 Apr

    Power BI Embedded: Get visual data

    When a user interacts with a visual, they have the option to export data through the ellipsis menu. The application can now extract data that is shown in the visual.

    October 2017

    27 Oct

    Azure Logic Apps – Connector for Workday Human Capital Management

    Azure Logic Apps will help customers connect apps, data and devices anywhere – on premises or in the cloud. The new Logic Apps connector for Workday Human Capital Management will make it easy to create workflows to manage important HR tasks.

    August 2017

    21 Aug

    Azure Event Grid

    Azure Event Grid is an innovative offering that will make an event a first-class object in Azure. With Azure Event Grid, you will be able to subscribe to any event that’s happening across your Azure resources, and react using serverless platforms like Functions or Logic Apps.

    July 2017

    18 Jul

    Logic Apps is ISO, HIPAA, CSA STAR, PCI DSS, SOC, and EU Model Clauses compliant

    The Logic Apps feature of Azure App Service is now ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, HIPAA, CSA STAR, PCI DSS, SOC, and EU Model Clauses compliant.

    18 Jul

    Logic Apps available in UK regions

    Azure Logic Apps is available in the UK West and UK South Azure regions.

    May 2017

    31 May

    Azure BizTalk Services: Simplifying our Azure offerings

    We have incorporated the Azure BizTalk Services capabilities into Logic Apps and Azure App Service Hybrid Connections.

    12 May

    Azure Functions with Common Data Service

    Azure Functions templates for the Common Data Service (CDS) will be a powerful way to combine data and actions across services and applications, extending the functionality of your PowerApps.

    3 May

    General availability: On-premises data gateway for Logic Apps

    The on-premises data gateway has entered general availability. It acts as a bridge that provides quick data transfer and encryption between on-premises data sources and cloud services.

    March 2017

    30 Mar

    Preview: Azure Functions Open API (Swagger) support

    Support for editing and hosting Open API 2.0 (Swagger) metadata in Azure Functions is in preview.

    December 2016

    22 Dec

    General availability: Enterprise Integration Pack for Logic Apps

    The Enterprise Integration Pack for Logic Apps is generally available.

    22 Dec

    Logic Apps available in India and West US 2/West Central US regions

    Logic Apps is available in the India, West US 2, and West Central US regions.

    August 2016

    31 Aug

    Azure DevTest Labs: Auto-shutdown notifications

    DevTest Labs enables lab owners to set up auto-shutdown notifications. A notification will be sent to lab users 15 minutes before auto-shutdown if any of their VMs will be affected.