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Azure updates

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September 2018

10 Sep

General availability: Event Hubs for Go

Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Go is generally available.

6 Sep

Announcing general availability of Azure IoT Hub integration with Azure Event Grid

The integration will simplify the architecture and development of IoT applications.

4 Sep

General availability: Event Hubs for Python

Version 1.0 of the Python package for Azure Event Hubs is now generally available.

August 2018

30 Aug

New log experience in the Azure portal

We have brought the Analytics portal in Application Insights and the Advanced Analytics portal in Log Analytics into the Azure portal.

29 Aug

Azure API Management update August 28

Learn about the latest regular update to Azure API Management.

22 Aug

Azure IoT Edge 1.0.1 release

The 1.0.1 update for Azure IoT Edge contains improvements to the runtime and documentation.

14 Aug

Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 breaking changes

The upcoming release of the Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 introduces some major improvements, but some of these changes will cause breaks to existing apps deployed with the v2 runtime.

July 2018

13 Jul

Azure Functions Runtime x Preview—breaking change for HttpTrigger for Java

A new version of the Azure Functions Runtime will be deployed soon. It uses the latest version of Azure Java Functions Library v1.0.0-beta-5, which has breaking changes that affect HttpTrigger Java functions.

6 Jul

Azure Security Center update July 1

The Azure Security Center update on July 1 includes many features, including a redesigned overview dashboard and new security recommendations.

June 2018

28 Jun

Update reports for improved meter names

Effective mid-August 2018, we’ll introduce improved standardized names for Azure Virtual Machines. Name changes for all other services will be effective the first week of October 2018.

13 Jun

TLS configuration now fixed to block 1.0

We recently announced that all Azure App Service and Azure Functions apps could update TLS configuration. Reporting tools should now correctly indicate that lower versions of TLS are blocked.

May 2018

21 May

Microsoft Cognitive Services | Custom Vision Service API

Custom Vision Service API aims to identify trained objects and show their location within images.

16 May

HTTP/2 configuration available in the Azure portal

HTTP/2 configuration is available in the Azure portal, to make the selection of HTTP/2 a seamless process with just a few clicks of the mouse.

7 May

Durable Functions now generally available

Announcing general availability of Durable Functions functionality in Azure Functions. Durable Functions is an Azure Functions extension for building long-running, stateful function orchestrations in code using C# in a serverless environment.

April 2018

25 Apr

Public preview: Event Hubs for Node.js

Send events and receive event streams from Azure Event Hubs in your Node.js applications by using the updated package.

25 Apr

Public preview: Event Hubs for Python

Send events and receive event streams from Azure Event Hubs in your Python applications by using the updated package.

17 Apr

Configuration of TLS versions in App Service and Functions apps now available

Explicitly set the TLS version for individual Azure App Service and Azure Functions hosted applications.

17 Apr

What's new in Azure Log Analytics - April 2018

The latest updates to the Log Analytics portal include auto-sorting of results by default, Query Explorer support for renaming and deleting saved items, and new query language functions.

16 Apr

HTTP/2 support for Azure App Service is now available

Support for the HTTP/2 protocol, the top customer request for Azure App Service, is now globally available for all apps hosted on App Service.

12 Apr

JavaScript user-defined aggregates in Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics supports extensibility with stateful JavaScript user-defined aggregates.