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    July 2019

    4 Jul

    Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows public preview adds parameter support

    Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows provides a code-free design environment for building and operationalising ETL data transformations at scale. Now, the ADF team has added parameter support for Data Flows, enabling flexible & reusable data flows that can be called dynamically from pipelines.

    3 Jul

    Azure Data Factory upgrades Teradata connector to enable new features and enhancement

    Azure Data Factory upgraded the Teradata connector with new feature adds and enhancement, including built-in Teradata driver, out-of-box data partitioning to performantly ingest data from Teradata in parallel and more.

    1 Jul

    Azure Data Factory logs now available as dedicated tables in Azure Monitor Logs

    A new logging mode in Diagnostic Settings for an Azure Logs target, starting with Azure Data Factory, will allow you to take advantage of improved ingestion latency, query performance, data discoverability and more!

    June 2019

    26 Jun

    Clean up files by built-in delete activity in Azure Data Factory

    You can use ADF delete activity in your pipeline to delete undesired files without writing code.

    26 Jun

    New connectors available in Azure Data Factory: SAP Table and SAP BW via Open Hub

    Azure Data Factory now enables you to copy data from SAP Table and SAP Business Warehouse (BW) via Open Hub by using Copy activity.

    26 Jun

    Azure Data Factory enriches PolyBase support for loading data into SQL DW

    Azure Data Factory seamlessly integrates with Polybase to empower you to ingest data into SQL DW performantly. ADF now adds support for loading data from ADLS Gen2 and from Blob with VNet service endpoint using PolyBase.

    26 Jun

    General availability: Azure Data Factory in China East 2

    Azure Data Factory is now generally available in Azure China (China East 2).

    26 Jun

    Now available: Ingest data from Oracle database performantly using Azure Data Factory

    Azure Data Factory copy activity now supports built-in data partitioning to performantly ingest data from Oracle database in parallel.

    25 Jun

    Preserve ACLs when upgrading from ADLS Gen1 to Gen2 using Azure Data Factory

    Azure Data Factory empowers you to copy data from Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen1 to Gen2 easily and performantly. Furthermore, now you can choose to preserve the access control lists (ACLs) set on the files/directories along with data.

    May 2019

    22 May

    Mapping Data Flows feature is now available in Azure Data Factory

    The new Mapping Data Flows feature in Azure Data Factory allows Data Engineers to visually design, debug, manage and operationalise data transformations at scale in the cloud.

    February 2019

    26 Feb

    Support for Enterprise Security Package-enabled HDInsight clusters in Azure Data Factory

    You can use Azure Data Factory to operationalise your Azure HDInsight Spark and Hadoop workloads against HDInsight clusters with Enterprise Security Package that are joined to an Active Directory domain.

    26 Feb

    Monitor Azure Data Factory pipelines by using Azure Monitor and Log Analytics

    You can monitor the health of your data factory pipelines by using the Azure Data Factory Analytics service pack available in the Azure Marketplace.

    25 Feb

    Azure Data Factory visual tools integrated with GitHub

    Azure Data Factory visual tools are now integrated with GitHub, so you can collaborate with other developers, do source control and version your data factory assets.

    25 Feb

    Self-hosted IR sharing across multiple data factories

    You can share an existing self-hosted IR with multiple data factories. This functionality helps you reuse an existing self-hosted IR infrastructure in another data factory while building a hybrid data-integration pipeline.

    25 Feb
    25 Feb

    Linked Resource Manager template support available for CI/CD in your data factories

    Azure Data Factory now generates linked Resource Manager templates for CI/CD by breaking the factory payload into several files to help users with Resource Manager template limits.

    25 Feb

    Azure Functions now supported as a step in Azure Data Factory pipelines

    Azure Functions is now integrated with Azure Data Factory, so you can run an Azure function as a step in your data factory pipelines.

    25 Feb

    Create alerts to proactively monitor your data factory pipelines

    Organisations can now improve operational productivity by creating alerts on data integration events (success/failure) and proactively monitor with Azure Data Factory.

    25 Feb

    Enhanced monitoring capabilities and tags/annotations in Azure Data Factory

    Azure Data Factory pipelines now include tagging support and enhanced monitoring capabilities, including dashboards and improved debugging support.

    25 Feb

    Code-free data transformation at scale using Azure Data Factory

    You can visually design, build and manage data transformation processes without learning Spark or having a deep understanding of the distributed infrastructure.