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    August 2019

    6 Aug

    New Tools are now available in Azure Cloud Shell

    Azure Cloud Shell has added a number of new tools and capabilities.

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    October 2018

    31 Oct

    What’s new for PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell

    The new release of PowerShell in Cloud Shell is fast, portable and offers open-source capabilities.

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    September 2018

    24 Sep

    PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell now generally available

    PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell is now generally available.

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    February 2018

    3 Feb

    OpenSSH now available in PowerShell in Cloud Shell

    PowerShell in Cloud Shell now includes the native Win32 OpenSSH client available for Windows and Windows Server for secure remote login, remote file transfer and public/private key pair management.

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    1 Feb

    Ansible now available in Bash in Cloud Shell

    Ansible, an open-source product that automates cloud provisioning, configuration management, and application deployments, is now available to use in Bash in Cloud Shell.

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    January 2018

    6 Jan

    Expanded options for accessing Cloud Shell

    Get a modern command-line experience from multiple access points, including the Azure portal,, the Azure mobile app, Azure docs and the VS Code Azure Account extension.

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    November 2017

    20 Nov

    General availability: Bash in Azure Cloud Shell

    Bash in Azure Cloud Shell is generally available. In addition, PowerShell in Cloud Shell is currently in public preview.

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    September 2017

    26 Sep

    PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell

    PowerShell in Cloud Shell will complement Bash to provide another authenticated, browser-based shell experience hosted in Azure that will streamline your Azure admin experience.

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    August 2017

    23 Aug

    Azure Cloud Shell: Generate scripts by using mssql-scripter

    Use mssql-scripter, an open-source command-line interface, to generate database scripts in Azure Cloud Shell.

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