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August 2020

5 Aug

Azure Advisor Quick Fix is now available


Remediate Advisor recommendations at scale more quickly and easily using Advisors new Quick Fix feature.

  • Azure Advisor
  • Services

May 2020

27 May

Azure Advisor recommendation digests now available


Receive a periodic, customisable notification of your available Advisor recommendations to help you stay current on Azure best practices.

  • Azure Advisor
  • Services

April 2020

1 Apr

Azure Advisor data in Azure Resource Graph is now available


This release enables many at-scale scenarios for consuming the Azure Advisor best practice recommendations, including querying Advisor recommendations for all your subscriptions and building your own custom views of Advisor recommendation data.

  • Azure Advisor
  • Services

November 2019

13 Nov

New Azure Advisor recommendation category: operational excellence


Azure Advisor is launching a new category of recommendations called operational excellence. This new category will help you follow best practices for process and workflow efficiency, resource manageability and deployment.

  • Azure Advisor
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4 Nov

Introducing the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure


The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is proven guidance to accelerate your cloud adoption journey. It’s a collection of tools, guidance and best practices to help you shape your cloud strategy and achieve your desired business goals.

  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure DevOps Projects
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure Blueprints
  • Azure Management Groups
  • Azure Policy
  • Cost Management + Billing
  • Azure Database Migration Service
  • Azure Migrate
  • Security Center
  • Azure Advisor
  • Azure Service Health
  • Compliance
  • Management
  • Microsoft Ignite
  • Security

October 2019

16 Oct

Azure Advisor cost recommendation enhancements


Advisor has made enhancements to its popular cost recommendation to resize or shut down under-utilised virtual machines. Although certain scenarios result in low utilisation by design, you can often save money by managing the size and number of your virtual machines.

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  • Management
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September 2019

18 Sep

Azure Advisor alerts are now in preview


Get your Azure best practice recommendations as soon as they become available with Azure Advisor user-configured alerts, now available in preview.

  • Azure Advisor
  • Features
  • Services

June 2019

12 Jun

Enhanced experience for Azure Advisor security recommendations


Manage your Security Center recommendations through Advisor UI, API, CLI or PowerShell. Remediate recommendations quickly with bulk actions. Follow more than 20 new best-practice recommendations for availability, performance and cost.

  • Azure Advisor
  • Features
  • Management
  • Services

October 2018

22 Oct

Azure portal October update


The Azure portal received updates in October 2018.

  • Microsoft Azure portal
  • Azure mobile app
  • Storage Accounts
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Azure Advisor
  • Service Fabric
  • Virtual WAN
  • Activity Logs
  • Azure Managed Applications
  • Automation
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Management

September 2018

24 Sep

Azure Advisor: New recommendations and tighter integrations


Additional recommendations are now available in Azure Advisor, your personalised guide to Azure best practices. Advisor is a free service that helps you optimise your Azure resources to reduce costs, boost performance, strengthen security and improve reliability.

  • Azure Advisor
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