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    May 2019

    31 May

    Azure Sphere 19.05 release unlocks new features in the MT3620

    Update 19.05 for Azure Sphere public preview is now available in Retail feed

    31 May

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in West US 2

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in West US 2. Around the world, it’s available in seven public regions.

    31 May

    Log Analytics agent for Linux 1.10 now available

    The Log Analytics agent for Linux v1.10 release is available, and contains important stability and reliability improvements.

    30 May

    Azure Monitor for VMs has a new data set for bound ports

    The VMBoundPort data set is now available for Azure Monitor for VMs customers in all supported Log Analytics workspace regions, including East US and West Europe.

    30 May

    Azure Monitor AIOps alerts with Dynamic Thresholds is now generally available

    With Dynamic Thresholds, you no longer need to manually identify and set thresholds for alerts. The alert rule leverages advanced Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to learn metrics’ historical behaviour, identify patterns and anomalies that indicate possible service issues.

    29 May

    Advanced filtering generally available in Event Grid

    Event Grid advanced filters are now GA with no restriction on the number of nested keys (e.g. Data.Key1.Key2…KeyN).

    29 May

    IoT Hub device telemetry events in Event Grid – public preview

    IoT Hub expands its capabilities as an event source in Event Grid by enabling subscribing to device telemetry events.

    29 May

    Events up to 1 MB in Event Grid – public preview

    Public preview of support for larger events, now up to 1 MB.

    29 May

    Event Grid can now publish events to Service Bus

    Service Bus is now available as an event handler in Event Grid.

    29 May

    Geo-disaster recovery available in Event Grid

    Automatic server-side geo-disaster recovery of metadata in Event Grid is now available on the service.

    29 May

    Event Domains generally available in Event Grid

    Azure Domains are now generally available with 100,000 topics per domain.

    29 May

    Azure Container Registry—Helm 3 support is now in preview

    Helm 3 support is now in preview. This update brings support for storing Helm 3 charts, the next version of Helm, which brings an improved security model, and a new Lua-based scripting engine.

    29 May
    29 May

    Azure Mv2 Virtual Machines offering up to 6 TB memory are now generally available

    Azure Mv2-series Virtual Machines offering up to 208 vCPU in 3TB and 6 TB memory configurations are now available in US East and US East 2 regions. Mv2 VMs are certified by SAP for SAP HANA OLTP and OLAP production workloads.

    29 May

    Adaptive network hardening in Azure Security Center is now available

    With the adaptive network hardening feature, Security Center learns the network traffic and connectivity patterns of your Azure workloads and provides you with NSG rule recommendations for your Internet-facing virtual machines.

    29 May

    Azure NetApp Files is now generally available

    Azure NetApp Files, an Azure first-party service, is a powerful file-storage service to run your most demanding file workloads in Azure, without the need for any code modification.

    29 May

    Azure API Management consumption tier is now generally available

    Starting on 29 May 2019, the consumption tier of Azure API Management, will be generally available in the same six regions as it was during the preview.

    29 May

    Integration service environments (ISE) are now generally available

    With the general availability of integration service environments, we’ve made several improvements from preview to give your Logic Apps more power when running in an ISE.

    29 May

    Azure App Configuration is now available in preview

    Azure App Configuration provides a service to centrally manage application settings and helps secure their accesses. In addition, it helps developers to send code faster by being able to easily “flight” their features in production using feature flags.

    28 May

    General availability: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in South Africa North

    Target availability: Q2 2019

    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is now generally available in South Africa North.