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    June 2019

    7 Jun

    Only upload Datasets with Power BI Embedded analytics ‘Import’ API

    Using the Power BI Import API, developers can uncouple the dataset and report so they can upload just the dataset to a workspace. Developers use the ‘skipreport’ parameter to only upload the dataset in cases where they do not want to also upload the report to the workspace.

    7 Jun

    Power BI REST API with ‘Try-it’ tool allows you to try APIs without any code

    Anyone with a Power BI licence can now log in to the account to see how the Power BI REST API works, get information or perform operation on Power BI artifacts you have access to – without writing any code using the Power BI REST API Try-it Tool. With five simple steps, users are able to try capabilities of the Power BI REST API without writing code.

    6 Jun

    High-performance Computing Virtual Machines are now available in West US 2, East US

    HC-series Virtual Machines, designed to provide supercomputer-grade performance and scalability with the best price-performance on the public cloud, are now generally available in West US 2 and East US.

    6 Jun

    Cognitive Services Text Analytics’ Named Entity Recognition is now available

    We are happy to announce the general availability of Named Entity Recognition supporting English and Spanish languages as part of Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics API.

    5 Jun

    FastTrack for Azure

    FastTrack for Azure brings proven practices, design principles and tools from engineering and real customer experiences to guide customers from design, configuration, and development to production.

    4 Jun

    General availability: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in China (China East2 and China North2)

    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is now generally available in China, in both China East2 and China North2.

    4 Jun

    Media Services is now available in Korea Region

    Media Services is now available in Korea Central and Korea South.

    4 Jun

    Azure DevTest Labs: Configure a shared image gallery in your lab

    Azure DevTest Labs now lets you configure a shared image gallery in your lab

    1 Jun

    Azure Monitor for containers – Updates on Windows AKS support, UI enhancement and node storage capacity

    New features updates for Azure Monitor for containers for node storage, Windows AKS support and UI enhancements

    May 2019

    31 May

    Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Azure Front Door service is now generally available

    Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Azure Front Door service is now generally available. Customers can use WAF to define security policies that allow, block, forward or rate limit access to their web applications delivered through Azure Front Door.

    31 May

    Azure Sphere 19.05 release unlocks new features in the MT3620

    Update 19.05 for Azure Sphere public preview is now available in Retail feed

    31 May

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in West US 2

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in West US 2. Around the world, it’s available in seven public regions.

    31 May

    Log Analytics agent for Linux 1.10 now available

    The Log Analytics agent for Linux v1.10 release is available, and contains important stability and reliability improvements.

    30 May

    Azure Monitor for VMs has a new data set for bound ports

    The VMBoundPort data set is now available for Azure Monitor for VMs customers in all supported Log Analytics workspace regions, including East US and West Europe.

    30 May

    Azure Monitor AIOps alerts with Dynamic Thresholds is now generally available

    With Dynamic Thresholds, you no longer need to manually identify and set thresholds for alerts. The alert rule leverages advanced Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to learn metrics’ historical behaviour, identify patterns and anomalies that indicate possible service issues.

    29 May

    Advanced filtering generally available in Event Grid

    Event Grid advanced filters are now GA with no restriction on the number of nested keys (e.g. Data.Key1.Key2…KeyN).

    29 May

    IoT Hub device telemetry events in Event Grid – public preview

    IoT Hub expands its capabilities as an event source in Event Grid by enabling subscribing to device telemetry events.

    29 May

    Events up to 1 MB in Event Grid – public preview

    Public preview of support for larger events, now up to 1 MB.

    29 May

    Event Grid can now publish events to Service Bus

    Service Bus is now available as an event handler in Event Grid.

    29 May

    Geo-disaster recovery available in Event Grid

    Automatic server-side geo-disaster recovery of metadata in Event Grid is now available on the service.