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Monthly updates for May 2019

31 May

Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in West US 2


Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in West US 2. Around the world, it’s available in seven public regions.

  • Azure Monitor
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
28 May

Application Change Analysis for Azure Monitor is now in public preview


Change Analysis public preview with integration into App Services Diagnose and solve problems tool.

  • Azure Monitor
  • App Service
8 May

Azure Monitor BUILD 2019 updates


Azure Monitor is launching a number of exciting features including end-to-end AKS monitoring, granular RBAC for logs, intelligent and scalable alerts, a new application change analysis capability and more.

  • Azure Monitor
6 May

Azure Cost Management multi-cloud for AWS is in preview


Now you can manage your AWS spend along your Azure spend in Azure Cost Management

  • Cost management
6 May

New features for Azure Machine Learning are now available


Features include: Model interpretability – Machine learning interpretability allows data scientists to explain machine-learning models globally on all data, or locally on a specific data point using the state-of-art technologies in an easy-to-use and scalable fashion. Machine learning interpretability incorporates technologies developed by Microsoft and proven third-party libraries (for example, SHAP and LIME).

  • Azure Machine Learning
6 May

Public preview of tighter integration of Azure Data Explorer with Python and Spark


Spark connector for Azure Data Explorer and ability to run inline Python and R as part of the query.

  • Azure Data Explorer


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