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Get started with Log Analytics

Follow the instructions below to create your OpInsights workspace and unleash your data from on premise and cloud assets.

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1. Install Microsoft Monitoring Agent

In order to start analysing your data, you will need to install the Microsoft Monitoring Agent onto your server. This allows you to send your data to the Log Analytics service.

In the Log Analytics portal Overview page, select the tile ‘Servers and Usage’. Under the ‘Servers Connected Directly’ header, select the ‘Configure’ tile. Follow the instructions on this page underneath ‘Add Agents’ to finish the setup process

All done! You will see data in the Log Analytics portal within 5-10 minutes. From this point, please sign in to the portal from

Stuck? No problem!

We have lots of resources to help you with the onboarding experience. Start with the links below and, if you’re really stuck, email us at

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