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SLA for Virtual Machines

Last updated: July 2016

For all Virtual Machines that have two or more instances deployed in the same Availability Set, we guarantee you will have Virtual Machine Connectivity to at least one instance at least 99.95% of the time.

Version History

1.8 Last updated: March 2018
Release notes: Added SLA for Virtual Machines deployed across two or more Availability Zones.

1.7 Last updated: March 2018
Release notes: Removed exclusion for downtime related to Single-Instance Virtual Machines maintenance

1.6 Last updated: April 2017
Release notes: Added ‘X 100’ to the monthly uptime availability formulas to fix a typo.

1.5 Last updated: March 2017
Release notes: Improved SLA by adding 100% service credit guarantee if uptime falls below 95%, and excluded temporary disks from the requirement to have premium storage on the single-instance SLA.

1.4 Last updated: November 2016
Release notes: Updates related to maximum available minutes

1.3 Last updated: November 2016
Release notes: Added a new, Single-Instance Virtual Machine SLA

1.2 Last updated: July 2016
Release notes: Updated SLA to include Virtual Machine connectivity

1.1 Last updated: April 2016
Release notes: Moved the Virtual Machine section out of Cloud Services SLA to the Virtual Machines SLA

1.0 Last updated: March 2015