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Digital Marketing using Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Engage with customers around the world with rich, personalised digital marketing experiences. Quickly build and launch digital campaigns that automatically scale based on customer demand.

Browser CDN CMS on Web App Application Insights Azure Database for PostgreSQL Redis Cache

Related solution architectures

Intelligent apps using Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Develop sophisticated, transformational apps using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and integrated visualisation tools to get actionable insights and analytics.

Browser Azure Database for PostgreSQL(Product Catalog) Azure Database for PostgreSQL(Session State) Azure App Services Azure Search(Full-text index) Azure Storage (Logs,static catalog content) Azure HD Insight(Analytics)

Retail and e-commerce using Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Build secure and scalable e-commerce solutions that meet the demands of both customers and business. Engage customers through customised products and offers, process transactions quickly and securely and focus on fulfilment and customer service.

Scalable web and mobile applications using Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Rapidly build engaging, high-performing and scalable cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac.

Finance management apps using Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Securely store critical data and provide high-value analytics and insights over aggregated data to users, using built-in security and performance.