Solution architecture: Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) for containers with open-source software (OSS)

Kubernetes provides a distributed platform for containerised apps. With Azure and Kubernetes, continuous deployment is simpler and faster.

Set up an immutable pipeline to deploy containerised apps to Kubernetes. Jenkins builds the Docker image and pushes it to a private Azure Container Registry. This then triggers the immutable pipeline in Netflix Spinnaker, which deploys to one or more ACS-Kubernetes clusters.

Deploying to Azure

Use the following pre-built template to deploy this architecture to Azure

Deploying to Azure

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Implementation guidance

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Continuously deploy Docker containers to ACS-Kubernetes using immutable CD pipelines in Netflix Spinnaker.


Build and push Docker images to Azure Container Registry (ACR) using Jenkins.

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Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) for containers with Visual Studio Team Services

Container deployment makes it easy to continuously update and improve your applications. Create replicable, manageable clusters of containers by orchestrating the continuous integration and deployment of those containers using Kubernetes or DC/OS in Azure Container Service. Use Visual Studio Team Services to deploy faster and more reliably by setting up a continuous build to produce and orchestrate your container images.

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