Solution architecture: Adding a modern web and mobile front-end to a legacy claims-processing app

This line-of-business application solution consolidates data from multiple business systems, and surfaces the data through web and mobile front-ends – helping to improve employee productivity and speed up decision making.

Deploying to Azure

Use the following pre-built template to deploy this architecture to Azure

Deploying to Azure
Customer mobile Azure ActiveDirectory B2C Employee mobile Azure ActiveDirectory MultifactorAuthentication Office 365 PowerBI (Q&A) Sharepoint Structured Blob Storage Logging Logic Apps Java Web App Power Apps Application Insights Visual StudioTeam Services Visual Studio 3rd Party SAP

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Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines lets you deploy a Windows Server or Linux image in the cloud. You can select images from a marketplace or use your own customised images.

SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is a relational database service that lets you rapidly create, extend and scale relational applications into the cloud.