Operations Management Suite | Insight & Analytics

Insight & Analytics in Operations Management Suite enables you to easily search, correlate and analyse data from the cloud using advanced analytics for deep intelligence. Designed to provide a simple and unified management experience – across platforms and across the cloud.

Transform machine data

Bring all of your information together in a single view for actionable insight. Collect, store and analyse log data from virtually any Windows Server and Linux source.

Get immediate insight

Interact with real-time data to get deep intelligence that is gathered from your on-premises and cloud data centres. Map server and application dependencies to discover connections and interactions.

Resolve incidents faster

Spot problems quickly using pre-built solutions and queries. Address incidents quickly with flexible search and customised alerts in the portal, or from the mobile app.

Analyse petabytes of data from the cloud

Regardless of the increase in data, Operations Management Suite gives you the compute and storage capacity you need. With the resources of the cloud, analyse at the scale you need.

Access from any location

Access your dashboard from any location with customised rules and alerts to monitor all your managed resources through your Windows, Android or iOS mobile device. Insight & Analytics gives you a consistent user experience.

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