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Automation & Control

Enable continuous services and compliance with automation and configuration management

Establish responsive IT operations

Trigger processes on demand or automatically. Improve your response time by taking immediate action on operational issues.

Sustain consistent configuration

Avoid configuration drift by applying, monitoring and automatically updating the desired state of your applications and infrastructure resources using a highly-available pull service from Azure.

Maintain compliant IT resources

Combine change tracking with configuration management to identify and apply configurations and enable compliance. Deliver orchestrated update management for Windows Server and Linux from the cloud.

Create automated delivery of services

Integrate process automation and configuration management for end-to-end automated delivery of services across your IT environment.

Use across premises and the cloud

Use familiar PowerShell skills to automate complex and repetitive tasks. Extend cloud automation capabilities to your on-premises data centre without human intervention.

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Insight & Analytics

Easily search, correlate and analyse data from the cloud

Security & Compliance

Enable threat detection and prevention through advanced cloud security

Protection & Recovery

Ensure application availability and data protection

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