Azure Active Directory B2C

Consumer identity and access management in the cloud

Consumer identity and access management

<p>Use Azure Active Directory B2C to connect with your consumers, the cloud identity service that’s more reliable and cost-effective compared to on-premises systems. Built on Azure Active Directory, the highly secure cloud identity platform that handles billions of authentications per day, Azure Active Directory B2C is a global, highly available identity management service for consumer-facing applications that scales to hundreds of millions of identities. You can easily integrate the service across mobile and web platforms, and your consumers can log on to all of your applications through fully customisable experiences by using their existing social accounts or by creating new credentials.</p>

“Azure Active Directory B2C helped us bring our customer software download portal online within weeks instead of months. Support, scalability and easy-to-handle software convinced us that B2C was the right choice for this critical project.”

Fabian Peschel, Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology

Super simple or super custom

Flexibility is a key part of Azure Active Directory B2C. You can choose from two configuration options to suit your needs. Use built-in policies to create a login experience in minutes. For more complex scenarios, use our identity experience framework to build custom policies and integrate with CRM databases, marketing analytics tools, and account verification systems.

Reach any user on any platform

Build an identity experience that works everywhere on Android, iOS, or web. Make it easy for your customers to access your application by allowing them to sign in with their existing social accounts or personal emails. Azure Active Directory B2C supports Facebook, Microsoft Accounts, Google+, LinkedIn, and many others, or you can add your own.

Protect your customers’ identities

Your customers will rest assured that their profiles are protected through various security controls in addition to application or policy-based multi-factor authentication.

Use a standards-based platform and extensible policies

<p>Easily integrate consumer identity management into your applications. Use an extensible policy framework for granular control over identity experiences and behaviours. Industry standard protocols such as OpenID Connect make identity management possible on a variety of platforms, such as Microsoft .NET and Node.js. The REST-based Graph API enables developers to read and write to the directory from any platform. Through support for OAuth 2.0, developers can build their own secure web APIs, and open-source client libraries are available for .NET, Windows Store, iOS and Android – and we’re already developing additional libraries.</p>

Scale to hundreds of millions of customers

Let us help you scale to as many users as you need while providing you maximum availability. Azure Active Directory B2C is a reliable, globally-distributed service with an SLA of 99.9%, capable of supporting millions of users and billions of authentications per day.

State of Indiana

Case study: State of Indiana

The state of Indiana wanted to provide secure, online access to services such as business licensing, tax payment, and unemployment benefits for more than 6 million citizens. Using the Azure Active Directory B2C identity system for its INBiz portal, the state is providing a one-stop resource for an expanding array of business services. By taking advantage of the Microsoft cloud-based identity management system, Indiana is expanding and enhancing citizen services easily and affordably.

Learn how doing business in Indiana gets easier than ever with a one-stop government portal

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