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Azure SQL Edge Whitepaper

Azure SQL Edge: A data engine optimized for IoT workloads on  edge devices

Azure Enables a World of Compliance

Countries around the world are placing more compliance requirements on organizations of all types, and many Azure customers want to easily understand which compliance offerings apply in their geography. Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that is built for global compliance, and Azure offers the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of over 90 compliance offerings. This ebook features illustrated compliance maps for over 30 geographies, each showing all the applicable compliance offerings for every geography with either local offerings or local Azure datacenter regions, giving you a clear view of you compliance posture in every Azure region.

Microsoft Azure Compliance Offerings

 Azure compliance offerings are based on various types of assurances, including formal certifications, attestations, validations, authorizations, and assessments produced by independent third-party auditing firms, as well as contractual amendments, self-assessments, and customer guidance documents produced by Microsoft.  Each offering description in this document provides an up to date scope statement indicating which Azure customer-facing services are in scope for the assessment, as well as links to downloadable resources to assist customers with their own compliance obligations. Azure compliance offerings are grouped into four segments: globally applicable, US government, industry specific, and region/country specific. 

Power BI Professional’s Guide to Azure Synapse Analytics

For your Power BI projects to be successful, robust scale, performance and cost management features are all essential. And that’s exactly what you’ll find with Azure Synapse Analytics – regardless of your industry or organisation. Download the white paper to discover the benefits of Azure Synapse, such as: Solve issues with data siloes, performance limitations and complex security requirements. Take advantage of unlimited concurrency, performance optimisations, centralised security and a unified workspace. Apply your uniquely qualified insights-focused, end-user perspective to design and deliver high-performance, scalable, secure and cost-effective analytics solutions.

A Developer’s Guide to Building AI-Driven Knowledge Mining Solutions

Most of your organization’s data is in unstructured formats like PDFs, images, videos, audio files, and PowerPoint decks. And valuable insights for your organization are hidden within that unstructured data.  Learn how to use knowledge mining to extract structured data from your unstructured content—and discover actionable information across all of your organization’s data. Read this white paper to: Discover common knowledge mining use cases.  Start building your own knowledge mining solutions using solution accelerators and code samples. See how Azure Cognitive Search and Azure Cognitive Services can help you build knowledge mining solutions. Find resources and best practices for bringing knowledge mining to your organization.

ADLS Gen 1 to Gen 2 Migration Guide

This whitepaper talks about the ADLS Gen 1 to Gen 2 migration.

SAP HANA in Azure: Data Protection and Snapshot Management with Commvault

Microsoft and Commvault have partnered to deliver an industry-leading solution to meet customer requirements for SAP data management including data protection and recovery. The solution provides application consistent data snapshots and data backups with performant throughput, driving data transfer speed while at the same time minimizing the backup storage cost. The white paper focuses on the following areas: • Commvault/Microsoft partnership • SAP on Azure offering • Commvault architecture • Protecting SAP HANA in Azure with Commvault – data backup will multi-streaming (backint) & data snapshot (IntelliSnap) • Several tests cases including SAP HANA scale-up, SAP HANA scale-out, data snapshot and data reduction (compression and de-duplication) • Reference architecture 

What are Blockchain-Enabled Digital Ecosystems

Create disruptive new business opportunities by taking advantage of a blockchain-enabled digital ecosystem. Read this white paper to explore the benefits of blockchain, including tamper-resistant and self-sovereign data, peer-to-peer data collaboration, and distributed governance.  Get guidance on how to:  · Demystify blockchain to help your peers and stakeholders understand its potential. · Be deliberate in your choice of business model.  · Identify new forms of value within a blockchain-enabled ecosystem.

Ingest Excel files to Azure

This whitepaper talks about porting SSIS packages to Azure. The source in this scenario is an excel file.

Hybrid Cloud: Deploy to Azure Using VMware vRealize Automation—An Analysis of Benefits and Limitations

If your organization uses VMware technologies to deploy Azure infrastructure, this e-book is for you. There's usually some lag time between the release of new Azure features and  services and the corresponding feature in the vRealize Suite, as authors Tony Wu and Simon Alexander of Global AzureCAT explain. Rather than limit your Azure deployments, use the tips in this e-book to use your existing VMware toolset to deploy the latest and greatest on Azure. Tony and Simon compare the methods used to create blueprints in vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator and tell you the best path forward. They also provide a detailed list of the VMs and other Azure features that are supported using different methods to compose blueprints.