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Azure AI Services at Scale for Cloud, Mobile, and Edge

Boost your knowledge of cloud concepts and see how to build intelligent applications to optimise your business processes. Read the e-book, Azure AI Services at Scale for Cloud, Mobile, and Edge, to learn more about AI-oriented architecture, get an overview of the tools available and explore real-world examples to guide you through this architecture.

Read the e-book to:

● Gain familiarity with Azure AI services and capabilities.

● Learn how to build intelligent applications and train, tune and deploy models using Azure Machine Learning, Pytorch and the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX).

● Explore how other companies have used Azure Cognitive Services to solve business problems.

● See how to use transfer learning to train vision, speech and language models in just minutes.

● Discover how Microsoft scaled Cognitive Services to millions of users.

Microsoft Azure and AMD: Unlocking Your Potential

Discover the increased speed and scalability of Azure VMs featuring AMD EPYC™ processors. Achieve more in less time through faster application performance and cost effective infrastructure deployments in both cloud and hybrid environments.

Empower IT and data professionals to achieve more with all of their data

Move your legacy data warehouse to a cloud solution and delegate tasks like infrastructure maintenance and platform upgrades. Migrate to Azure Synapse – a limitless analytics service with unmatched time-to-insight that accelerates the delivery of BI, AI and intelligent applications for enterprises.

By migrating legacy data warehouses to Azure Synapse, you’ll:

  • Increase performance and speed.
  • Improve security and compliance.
  • Enjoy greater elasticity and scalability.
  • Save time with a fully managed infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs.

In this white paper, see strategies for migrating your legacy data warehouses to the cloud. And get a three-step technical overview of the process – from preparing to migrating to doing analytics.

Quickstart Guide to Azure Virtual Desktop

Learn how to set up secure, remote work experiences from anywhere in minutes using Azure Virtual Desktop. Plan, deploy and optimise your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to deliver Windows 10 desktops on any device – and reduce infrastructure costs.  

Read the latest edition of Quickstart Guide to Azure Virtual Desktop to: 

  • Plan for a successful deployment with updated features and guidance, including technical configurations and steps to get started.
  • Set up and optimise your virtual desktops in the Azure portal with just a few clicks. 
  • Explore the unique benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop, including cost-saving pricing options and advanced security and compliance features.
  • Get best practices, recommendations and troubleshooting tips.

Modernise Your Java Apps

Java continues to be one of the most important programming technologies for organisations of all types, but running Java applications at scale can be challenging. Empower your organization to focus on business priorities and innovation rather than infrastructure by modernising your Java applications with cloud-managed services. 

Read the e-book Modernize Your Java Apps to see how four companies transformed their mission-critical Java applications to achieve better performance, security and customer experiences. Learn how moving their Java applications to Azure:

  • Improved performance and accelerated delivery of new and innovative services to customers for AIA Singapore Private Unlimited.
  • Simplified Java app development and deployment while supporting the strict security and regulatory requirements that Swiss Re Group follows.
  • Enabled Sphera to create a multi-tenant solution to better meet the needs of global customers.
  • Helped Raley’s capitalise on surging sales by improving the scalability and manageability of its e-commerce site. 

Get the details on the journey these companies took and the architectures they used to successfully bring their business-critical Java applications to the cloud. 

Supercomputing '21 Resources

We’re excited to see you virtually at SC21, arguably one of the largest HPC conferences in the world. Take a look at these links to learn more about Azure HPC + AI and get access to some great content.

IoT Signals Report

In 2019, Microsoft and Hypothesis embarked on an IoT Thought Leadership initiative, annually producing reports in the IoT Signals series. The goal of these reports is to better serve our partners and customers, help business leaders develop their own IoT strategies, and provide the most up-to-date research on IoT use across countries and industries. Previous reports focused on three pieces of research – an initial round conducted in February 2019, which focused on IoT across industries, a follow-up in October 2019 that took a deeper look into four key industries (energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail), and a 2020 update of both the original and the follow-up. In 2021, this current paper again builds off the success of the prior Signals papers, with new research uncovering fresh learnings and insights around the current and future state of IoT.   

AxFina Azure case study

The transition to Microsoft Azure allowed AxFina flexibility in infrastructure and pricing, easily scalable infrastructure, and compliance with all EU financial regulations.

Azure Gateway Load Balancer Partners

Hear more about Gateway Load Balancing from our partners.

Modernizing applications and data: The view from customers who have taken the journey with Microsoft Azure

Enterprises have options when it comes to choosing an approach to application and data modernisation. The rise of public cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud as well as a range of available tools, services and platforms presents both opportunity and complexity.

Read this white paper from IDC to gain insights into successful app and data modernisation strategies. Based on exclusive quantitative and qualitative research, including survey data from 205 respondents among Microsoft customers and prospects, the paper also includes stories from in-depth interviews with customers who successfully launched and executed application and data modernisation strategies on Azure.

Learn about:

  • Benefits companies have achieved by modernising their applications and data, including improvements in time to market and delivery of rich customer experiences.
  • The top considerations, challenges and opportunities companies faced in developing and implementing application and data modernisation strategies.
  • Best practices developed by five Azure customers across the retail, financial services and consumer goods industries.