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Azure for Operators Infographic

Is your cloud ready for real-time communication services? Check your cloud requirements in our Azure for Operators Infographic.

Azure AI learning journey

Learn more about Azure AI solutions with videos, tutorials and training modules. Use this 30-day learning path to grow your skills and prepare for the Azure AI Fundamentals certification.

Cloud migration: Tips and tricks for migrating Windows and SQL Server workloads

Learn how to gain new performance and cost efficiencies by moving your Windows and SQL Server workloads to the cloud. Find out how to get started with practices and migration guidance this e-book. 

You’ll discover how to: 

  • Take advantage of significant potential cost savings through the Azure Hybrid Benefit. 
  • Start by identifying your business goals and work through the cloud migration steps outlined in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. 

You’ll also explore case studies of companies that lowered their costs and improved their agility and security by moving to Azure.

Five hybrid cloud use cases for Azure Stack HCI

Build on your terms with a hyper-converged infrastructure solution that delivers enterprise scale with great price performance. In this e-book, you’ll learn how to operate your hybrid cloud seamlessly with Azure Stack HCI in five common technical use cases – branch and remote office, virtual desktop infrastructure, optimising SQL Server for high performance, scaled and secure enterprise virtualisation and deploying tightly-integrated Kubernetes.

Download the e-book to learn how to use Azure Stack HCI to:

  • Deploy flexibly to meet your hybrid cloud needs with validated hardware solutions optimised for five common technical use cases.
  • Achieve enterprise scale with great price performance, from virtual desktop infrastructure to high-performance SQL server.
  • Host locally with the benefits of Azure with always up-to-date hyper-converged infrastructure delivered as a service.

Zero to hero in 4 weeks with Machine Learning

This learning journey will teach you how to create innovative solutions for complex problems with Machine Learning on Azure in 4 short weeks. With just an hour each day - think coffee-fueled morning ritual or mid-afternoon break - you’ll be able to collaborate and build models faster with the latest machine learning tools and frameworks. Regardless of where you are in your journey, we can propel you to the next level and prepare you for the Azure Data Scientist Associate certification. Let’s get started!

Microsoft and SAP: Collaborating for Success

Read this e-book to learn how SAP and Microsoft are working together to drive joint customer success. Learn about the customer benefits of the expanded strategic partnership between the two companies. Explore how Microsoft Teams integration across SAP solutions can drive improved collaboration, and also learn about joint engineering investments to automate migration and operation, strengthen security, and modernize enterprise applications for SAP solutions on Microsoft Azure.

2 Steps to Improve Business Decisions Using Data and Analytics – Gartner research

More than ever before, business leaders are integrating their data and analytics teams into their larger business decision making. Learn how to improve decision making at your organisation and get the most out of your data and analytics program by doing the same. Read 2 Steps to Improve Business Decisions Using Data and Analytics, a report from Gartner, for the latest research on how to evaluate decision making processes across your organisation – and how to improve them with data and analytics.

Download the report to:

  • Understand the full capabilities of your existing or potential data and analytics teams.
  • See how to evaluate your current business decision making process to understand the potential roles for data and analytics.
  • Learn how you can re-engineer your current decision-making processes to best integrate your existing data and analytics team.

Azure for Operators: A cloud for network operators

Azure for Operators: A cloud for network operators

Now is the moment to reimagine the store experience

Retailers are at an inflection point. When the pandemic subsides, and after months of limited in-store and in-person experiences, customers will return – but to what? So much has changed: the retail landscape and our individual habits, with new convenient shopping options suddenly available right across the retail sector. And with change comes opportunity – the opportunity to reimagine the store experience that customers will return to.

Learn how Microsoft and our partner Avanade built a foundation that supports innovation, agility and security. 

Guide to data centre modernisation through Azure Stack HCI

Operate your hybrid cloud seamlessly with always up-to-date hyperconverged infrastructure delivered as a service. This e-book details ways to modernise your existing infrastructure and simplify operations using Azure Stack HCI.

Learn how to use Azure Stack HCI to: 

  • Reduce data centre complexity and total cost of ownership through hyperconverged infrastructure technology.
  • Simplify management and operate hybrid infrastructure seamlessly with built-in Azure capabilities and integration with tools such as Windows Admin Center and Azure Arc.
  • Keep running your existing apps with Hyper-V-based software-defined compute, storage and networking.