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What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application life cycle.

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Spin up a Torque cluster

Template spins up a Torque cluster.

YidingZhou by Yiding Zhou,
Last updated: 03/09/2020

eShop Website with ILB ASE

An App Service Environment is a Premium service plan option of Azure App Service that provides a fully isolated and dedicated environment for securely running Azure App Service apps at high scale, including Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and API Apps.

TylerLu by Tyler Lu,
Last updated: 02/09/2020

OS Patching extension on a Ubuntu VM

This template creates a Ubuntu VM and installs the OSPatching extension

thomas1206 by Thomas Shao,
Last updated: 01/09/2020

Deploy IOMAD cluster on Ubuntu

This template deploys IOMAD as a LAMP application on Ubuntu. It creates a one or more Ubuntu VM for the front end and a single VM for the backend. It does a silent install of Apache and PHP on the front end VM's and MySQL on the backend VM. Then it deploys IOMAD on the cluster. It configures a load balancer for directing requests to the front end VM's. It also configures NAT rules to allow admin access to each of the VM's. It also sets up a moodledata data directory using file storage shared among the VM's. After the deployment is successful, you can go to /iomad on each frontend VM (using web admin access) to start configuring IOMAD.

vinhub by Vinayak (Vin) Bhalerao,
Last updated: 01/09/2020

Create a VM with multiple NICs and RDP accessible

This template allows you to create a Virtual Machines with multiple (2) network interfaces (NICs), and RDP connectable with a configured load balancer and an inbound NAT rule. More NICs can easily be added with this template. This template also deploys a Storage Account, Virtual Network, Public IP address, and 2 Network Interfaces (front-end and back-end).

colincole by Colin Cole,
Last updated: 31/08/2020

Create a sandbox setup with Firewall Policy

This template creates a virtual network with 3 subnets (server subnet, jumpbox subet and AzureFirewall subnet), a jumpbox VM with public IP, A server VM, UDR route to point to Azure Firewall for the Server Subnet and an Azure Firewall with 1 or more Public IP addresses. Also creates a Firewall policy with 1 sample application rule, 1 sample network rule and default private ranges

Last updated: 30/08/2020

Deploy a Nextflow genomics cluster

This template deploys a scalable Nextflow cluster with a Jumpbox, n cluster nodes, docker support and shared storage.

lawrencegripper by Lawrence Gripper,
Last updated: 19/08/2020

Deploy HDInsight cluster + Confluent Schema Registry node

This template allows you to create an HDInsight cluster running Linux with a schema registry edge node. For more information, see

guyhay by Guy Haycock,
Last updated: 18/08/2020

Openshift Container Platform 4.3

Openshift Container Platform 4.3

akinfemi by Akinfemi Aluko,
Last updated: 12/08/2020

App Configuration

This template references existing key-value configurations from an existing config store and uses retrieved values to set properties of the resources the template creates.

mamccrea by Mary McCready,
Last updated: 11/08/2020


Creates a new VM with two NICs which connect to two different subnets within the same VNet.

lmoxiel by Christopher Jackson,
Last updated: 11/08/2020

Create a Storage Account File Share via Containers

This template creates a storage account and a file share via azure-cli in a Container Instance

wenwu449 by Wenjun Wu,
Last updated: 11/08/2020

WildFly 18 on CentOS 8 (stand-alone VM)

This template allows you to create a CentOS 8 VM running WildFly 18.0.1.Final and also deploy a web application called JBoss-EAP on Azure, you can login into the Admin Console using the Wildfly username and password configured at the time of the deployment.

SpektraSystems by Spektra Systems,
Last updated: 11/08/2020

Multi tier App with NSG, ILB, AppGateway

This template deploys a Virtual Network, segregates the network through subnets, deploys VMs and configures load balancing

NarayanAnnamalai by Narayan Annamalai,
Last updated: 10/08/2020

Deploy a Premium Windows VM

This template allows you to deploy a Premium Windows VM using a few different options for the Windows version, using the latest patched version.

kenazk by Kenaz Kwa,
Last updated: 09/08/2020

Create a VM in a VNET in different Resource Group

This template creates a VM in a VNET which is in a different Resource Group

singhkays by Kay Singh,
Last updated: 09/08/2020

Apache Webserver on Ubuntu VM

This template uses the Azure Linux CustomScript extension to deploy an Apache web server. The deployment template creates an Ubuntu VM, installs Apache2 and creates a simple HTML file. Go to ../demo.html to see the deployed page.

gbowerman by Guy Bowerman,
Last updated: 08/08/2020

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server VM (SLES 12)

This template will allow you to deploy a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server VM (SLES 12), using the Pay-As-You-Go SLES VM image for the selected version on Standard D1 VM in the location of your chosen resource group with an additional 100 GiB data disk attached to the VM. Additional charges apply to this image - consult Azure VM Pricing page for details.

petersatsuse by Peter S.,
Last updated: 07/08/2020

Deploy HDInsight on Linux (w/ Azure Storage, SSH key)

This template allows you to create an HDInsight cluster running Linux. This template also creates an Azure Storage account. The SSH authentication method for the cluster is username / public key.

guyhay by Guy Haycock,
Last updated: 05/08/2020

Dokku Instance

Dokku is a mini-heroku-style PaaS on a single VM.

sedouard by Steven Edouard,
Last updated: 01/08/2020

Deploy a Hub and Spoke topology sandbox

This template creates a basic hub-and-spoke topology setup. It creates a Hub VNet with subnets DMZ, Management, Shared and Gateway (optionally), with two Spoke VNets (development and production) containing a workload subnet each. It also deploys a Windows Jump-Host on the Management subnet of the HUB, and establishes VNet peerings between the Hub and the two spokes.

vmehmeri by Victor Dantas Mehmeri,
Last updated: 25/07/2020

Connect to a Key Vault via private endpoint

This sample shows how to use configure a virtual network and private DNS zone to access Key Vault via private endpoint.

paolosalvatori by Paolo Salvatori,
Last updated: 22/07/2020

Connect to a Event Hubs namespace via private endpoint

This sample shows how to use configure a virtual network and private DNS zone to access a Event Hubs namespace via a private endpoint.

paolosalvatori by Paolo Salvatori,
Last updated: 20/07/2020

Connect to a Service Bus namespace via private endpoint

This sample shows how to use configure a virtual network and private DNS zone to access a Service Bus namespace via private endpoint.

paolosalvatori by Paolo Salvatori,
Last updated: 15/07/2020