Azure Storage Performance and Scalability Test

Last updated: 12/12/2017
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This is an Azure storage demo that creates a DS14v2 virtual machine with 50 1GB random files that are uploaded and downloaded to a storage account to showcase scalability and performance when using the Azure storage SDK.

  1. Click Deploy button to deploy the sample to a Windows VM on Azure
  2. Once deployment is completed, connect to the VM via RDP using the administrator account you defined. You will have 50 files each 1GB on the D: drive as sample data.
  3. Navigate to the sample application in D:\git\storage-dotnet-perf-scale-app cd d:\git\storage-dotnet-perf-scale-app
  4. Run the application to upload the files to Azure Storage from the folder dotnet run
  5. By default the download and delete capabilities are commented out. To run them uncomment the // DownloadFilesAsync().GetAwaiter().GetResult(); and // DeleteExistingContainersAsync().GetAwaiter().GetResult(); lines for in the Main method.
  6. Re-build the application by running dotnet build.
  7. Re-run the application by running dotnet run

When done with the sample, remember to delete the VM and resource group to ensure you do not continue to get charged.