Last updated: 16/03/2017
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In this sample, we demonstrate how to use the Azure Storage Data Movement Library to interact with Blob Storage. To learn how this was created, check out the Transfer Data with Azure Storage Data Movement Library documentation.

If you don't have a Microsoft Azure subscription you can get a FREE trial account here.

Running this sample

To run this sample:

  1. Create an Azure Storage Account
  2. Install Visual Studio Code
  3. Install the Visual Studio Code C# extension.
  4. Install .NET Core. When selecting your environment, choose the command-line option.
  5. Clone this repo. Open it in Visual Studio Code.
  6. At this point, you should see two prompts. One is for adding "required assets to build and debug." Click "yes." Another prompt is for restoring unresolved dependencies. Click "restore."
  7. Your application should now contain a launch.json file under the .vscode directory. In this file, change the externalConsole value to true.
  8. Visual Studio Code allows you to debug .NET Core applications. Hit F5 to run the application.

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