Getting Started with Azure Storage in Azure CLI 2.0

Last updated: 14/03/2017
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Demonstrates how to use the Azure Storage service in Azure CLI 2.0.

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Running this sample

  1. If you have Python installed, you can use pip install azure-cli from the command-line to install Azure CLI. You can also refer to the Azure CLI How-to guide. Once the Azure CLI has been installed, you will be able to use the azure command from your command-line interface (Bash, Terminal, Command prompt) to access the Azure CLI commands.

  2. Download or clone this repo.

git clone

  1. Edit a script you would like to use. This repo provides batch scripts for Windows Command Line and shell scripts for Mac and Linux terminals.

  2. Within the script, provide the appropriate values for each variable (e.g. Storage Account Name, Storage Account Key, etc.) Note: The angled brackets should not be included in the values you provide.

  3. Run the script in your terminal of choice. For example, in Windows Command Line: C:\storage-cli-getting-started\Batch Scripts>AzureBlobs.bat.

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