Microsoft Application Insights JavaScript SDK V2 (Beta) Sample

This project shows how to load application insights javascript sdk (New BETA version) from CDN. Version link:


This project framework provides the following features:

  • Use code snippet at top of your html page. This loads the Application insights SDK asynchronously. You can use the apis available in the SDK to instrument your code.


  • Node (to run the demo code)


  • npm install


To run on localhost:

  1. Download and install nodejs
  2. Run 'node web_server.js'
  3. Load http://localhost:8080/test.html for sample usage of Application Insights Beta SDK 2.x (full sku)
  4. Load http://localhost:8080/testlightsku.html for sample usage of Application Insights Beta SDK 2.x (lightweight sku). Use this SKU if you are running in environment with no DOM access such as web worker. This SKU functionlity is limited. It does not have curated apis for supported schemas in Application Insights and auto collection of data.