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Professional Azure SQL managed database administration

Published: 06/01/2021

Discover an intelligent and scalable platform that is compatible across a broad array of SQL Server engines. Take an in-depth look at Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance – and see how to use your existing SQL Server skills to get started with your on-premises migration. Get the Professional Azure SQL managed database administration e-book for detailed, easy-to-follow guidance and activity plans to help you deploy, configure and manage your own SQL databases with Azure. Read the technical implementation guide to learn how to: 

  • Migrate existing SQL Server instances to Azure SQL or provision a new Azure SQL database.
  • Back up and restore Azure SQL databases.
  • Monitor and optimise the performance of your cloud database to meet your needs.
  • Automate common management tasks using PowerShell.
  • Ensure that your data and applications are highly available and have disaster recovery.
  • Modernise your existing applications with Azure SQL Managed Instance.


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