What does the benefit offer?

The Azure Hybrid Benefit is applicable to Windows Server Standard and Datacenter Editions. Each 2-processor licence or each set of 16-core licences are entitled for two instances up to 8 cores, or one instance up to 16 cores. Once Azure Hybrid Benefit is assigned to Azure, Standard Edition licences can only be used once either on-premises or in Azure. The benefits of Datacenter Edition allow for simultaneous use both on-premises and in Azure.

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  • We use your phone number for identity verification.

  • Your Azure for Students subscription will provide you with access to certain software developer tools available to download for free. You must have a current, active Azure for Students subscription to access the software developer tools. Once you have signed up with Azure for Students, you can download this software through the Education Hub.

  • We encourage you to consider an Azure Free Account.

  • As long as you have verified your academic status within the past 12 months, you will have access to this offering.

  • No, you can’t apply your credit to Azure Marketplace offers. However, many Azure Marketplace partners offer free trials and/or free tier plans for their solutions.

  • There is a limit of one subscription per person.