What are the other Microsoft Server workloads that are supported by Azure Virtual Machines today, and what are the licensing models?

In addition to Windows Server, SQL Server and BizTalk Server, we support Project Server, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP and Team Foundation Server. Please find the latest list of supported workloads in this article. The table below summarises the licensing models for each product: ProductsAvailable in the image marketplace and charged per minuteLicence mobility through software assuranceSPLA SAL Licence| |Windows Server Datacenter Edition| Included (per-minute charge includes use of hardware resources, server licence and client access rights)|Blank|Blank| |Windows Server Standard Edition|Blank|Blank|Blank| |SQL Server Enterprise Edition| Included| Included|Blank| |SQL Server Standard Edition| Included| Included| Included| |SQL Server Web Edition| Included|Blank|Blank| |BizTalk Server Enterprise Edition| Included| Included|Blank| |BizTalk Server Standard Edition| Included| Included|Blank| |SharePoint Server|Blank| Included| Included| |System Center Datacenter|Blank| Included|Blank| |System Center Standard|Blank| Included|Blank| |Team Foundation Server|Blank| Included| Included| |Project Server|Blank| Included| Included| |Microsoft Dynamics NAV|Blank|Blank| Included| |Microsoft Dynamics GP|Blank|Blank| Included|

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