Is tax included in Azure virtual machines pricing?

Tax is not included in Azure virtual machines pricing. It’s added separately. Learn more about Azure pricing for Linux and Windows virtual machines.

Related questions and answers

  • Yes, you may run virtual machines with more than 16 cores by stacking licenses. For example, for two 2-processor licenses or 32 cores licenses, you may run a virtual machine with up to 32 cores.

  • Yes. We currently offer one-year and three-year Virtual Machine Reserved Instances with the flexibility to exchange or cancel at any time. Read more about Reserved Virtual Machine Instances.

  • If you are an end-customer using SQL Server, you can:

    1. Obtain a SQL Server image from the Marketplace and pay the per-minute licensing rate of SQL Server. The SQL Server license fee is included in the virtual machine image price as shown in the Virtual Machines pricing page.
    2. Customers with Software Assurance can use License Mobility to bring licenses on premise. This can be done by:
      1. Obtaining a SQL Server, Bring Your Own License (BYOL) image from the Marketplace. Azure doesn’t charge for images with SQL licensing.
      2. Manually installing SQL Server in a Windows Server Virtual Machine from the Marketplace.
      3. Uploading a SQL Server image from on premises to Azure to create a virtual machine. You must report the usage of licenses to Microsoft using the License Mobility Verification form within 10 days.
  • Yes, you can. The "retroactive tagging" feature enables you to tag your existing VMs to enjoy this benefit. Find out more about how to use Azure Hybrid Benefit.

  • Learn how to restore VMs.