If I use two streaming units for a portion of a day, and four streaming units later that day, how am I charged?

You are charged based on the highest number of streaming units that are provisioned each day. In this example, you will be charged for four streaming units for that day.

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  • Adding media reserved units to your account ensures that multiple files are processed concurrently, and changing the type of the media reserved unit affects the speed at which the files are processed. For example, if your account had three media reserved units of type S1, then up to three files will be processed concurrently. By changing the type of reserved unit to S3, each individual file is processed faster. See our documentation for more information.

  • Both edges of the input video must fit within the supported input resolution of each meter. For example, a 600 x 481 video exceeds the maximum 640 x 600 resolution of S1 by virtue of both edges being greater than 480, and so would be subject to S2 metering.

  • Yes, you can purchase multiple streaming units for content streaming.

  • It depends on the current state of a channel. Possible values include:

    • Stopped. This is the initial state of the channel after its creation. In this state, the channel properties can be updated but streaming is not allowed.
    • Starting. The channel is being started. No updates or streaming are allowed during this state. If an error occurs, the channel returns to the “Stopped” state.
    • Running. The channel is capable of processing live streams.
    • Stopping. The channel is being stopped. No updates or streaming are allowed during this state.
    • Deleting. The channel is being deleted. No updates or streaming are allowed during this state. The following table shows how channel states map to the billing mode. |Channel state|Portal UI indicators|Billed?| |---|---|---| |Starting|Starting|No (transient state)| |Running|Ready (no programs running) or Streaming (at least one program running)|Yes| |Stopping|Stopping|No (transient state)| |Stopped|Stopped|No|
  • No, you will only be charged based on output minutes, plus the number of media reserved units. See the example below for more details.

  • A streaming unit provides a dedicated set of resources for content streaming, with each unit increasing guaranteed bandwidth throughput by up to 200 Mbps.