How do I licence SQL Server within Azure Virtual Machines deployed in an active-passive configuration?

Each of the deployed Azure Virtual Machines requires licensing for SQL Server. To accomplish this, you can do one of the following:

  • Obtain an SQL image from the Azure Virtual Machine marketplace and pay the per-minute rate of SQL Server for each virtual machine. Use an SQL Server virtual machine from the gallery. Or
  • Customers with Software Assurance can use Licence Mobility to license both the active SQL virtual machine and the passive SQL virtual machine with the failover rights as described in Volume Licensing Product Terms. To use Licence Mobility, do one of the following:
  • Create a BYOL SQL Server virtual machine from the Azure Gallery. The BYOL images are labelled {BYOL} in the Azure Marketplace.
  • Manually install SQL Server on a Windows virtual machine from the Azure Marketplace.
  • Manually install SQL Server on premises and create an image. Then you can upload the image to Azure and create a virtual machine from the uploaded image. Customers who use Licence Mobility for this purpose must notify Microsoft within 10 days with the Licence Verification form. Click Licensing Documents Search and locate Licence Verification for your language and region.

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