Getting started with Apache Spark on Azure Databricks

Published: 01/03/2019

Help your team to turn big data processing into breakthrough insights with this quickstart guide for using Apache Spark on Azure Databricks. Learn how to launch your new Spark environment with a single click and integrate effortlessly with a wide variety of data stores and services such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Blob storage and Azure Event Hub. 

In this e-book tutorial, Getting Started with Apache Spark on Azure Databricks, you will: 
  • Quickly get familiar with the Azure Databricks UI and learn how to create Spark jobs. 
  • Learn how to load data and work with Datasets and familiarise yourself with the Spark DataFrames API. 
  • Run machine learning algorithms and learn the basic concepts behind Spark Streaming. 
  • Learn to write Spark queries instantly and focus on your data – while Azure Databricks automatically spins up and winds down clusters, and performs cluster and code history maintenance for you.

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