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Forrester report: Enable an insights-driven business

Published: 29/04/2022

Discover how to fuel innovations, growth and market domination by becoming an advanced insights-driven business. Read this Forrester report to learn how to maximise business impact with the insights-to-action process. You’ll explore best practices to help your business:

  • Build five competencies for insights-driven success. Optimise strategy, internal partners, practices, platforms and data.
  • Exhibit creativity by innovating faster. Discover new and better ways to create, advertise, market, and refine products and services. 
  • Constantly adapt to grow faster. Take advantage of digital insights to drive new revenue streams and stay on top of changing customer needs.
  • Show resilience in the face of radical change. Detect and respond to changes in customer behaviour – even if they’re drastic or unanticipated.


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