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Azure Cosmos DB for developers

Learn to develop fast, scalable applications using Azure Cosmos DB

Build modern apps at any scale

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed and serverless distributed database supporting NoSQL and relational workloads of any size or scale. Develop high-performance applications fast with SLA-backed speed and availability for NoSQL data, elastic and instant scalability, and pay-as-you-go pricing. Use your database engine of choice with Azure Cosmos DB support for open-source PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra and more.

Learn NoSQL in 30 days

Register for the 30 Days to Learn It challenge to learn how to develop, work with, and migrate NoSQL apps through self-guided tutorials in just a month. After you complete the challenge, you'll qualify for a 50 percent discount on the Azure Cosmos DB Developer Speciality certification exam.

Get started with tutorials and quickstarts

Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL

Build a .NET console app to manage resources using the Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL client library.

Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL

Build a Java app that connects to PostgreSQL, creates a distributed table, and modifies data.

Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB

Learn how to configure an Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB account, create a database, and perform CRUD operations.

Azure Cosmos DB for Apache Cassandra

Run a Java app that creates a Cassandra database and container for managing API data.

Azure Cosmos DB Essentials videos

Watch the video series to learn the foundational concepts you'll need to start building today.

What is Azure Cosmos DB?

Discover why developers are choosing to use NoSQL data in their apps with Azure Cosmos DB.

Azure Cosmos DB use cases

See how industries across healthcare, manufacturing, and retail use Azure Cosmos DB in their solutions.

Understanding Azure Cosmos DB APIs

Get insight on how to pick the right database API for your app.

What is a Request Unit?

Learn about the currency that powers database operations, and how it makes capacity planning simple.

Browse reference architectures

Get inspired by exploring real-life examples of solution ideas across a variety of industries.


Enable serverless computing by integrating databases and event-driven apps using Azure Functions and Azure Cosmos DB.

Learn more


Set up end-to-end stream processing pipelines with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Stream Analytics.

Learn more

Retail and e-commerce

Build highly scalable, resilient architectures for online order processing.

Learn more

Globally distributed apps

Guarantee access to users around the world with high availability and low latency using Azure Traffic Manager, Azure Active Directory, and Azure Cosmos DB.

Learn more

See what developers are building with Azure Cosmos DB

Delivering frustration-free metering and billing

Learn how Zero Friction created a scalable, high-performance platform with two apps—one that helps suppliers convert metre data into invoices, and another that helps end customers understand their energy consumption and make payments—using Azure Cosmos DB.

Zero Friction

Content distributor upgrades streaming experience

See how Visaic delivered seamless, end-to-end streaming experiences for B2B and B2C clients, as well as continuous innovation through AI and machine learning, by partnering with Microsoft Azure.


Implementing a large-scale digital health platform

See how New South Wales Health Pathology created a flexible, secure enterprise solution for state-wide health diagnostics information using Azure Cosmos DB as a central piece of the architecture.

New South Wales

Accelerating green expansion using Azure services

Learn how SitePro brings digital innovation to the oil and petrol industry – and now green tech – by providing end-to-end, IoT-enabled automation using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cache for Redis.

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