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Showing 1-9 of 225 results

When to use Azure Stack HCI

Run workloads from branch office to edge

Meet the evolving IT demands of branch offices, retail shops and field locations. Deploy your container-built edge workloads and essential business applications in highly available virtual machines (VMs), and use Azure Monitor to get a global view of system health.

Support large-scale virtual desktop implementations

Use remote desktop services, highly available virtual machines and integrated scalable storage to support your large-scale virtual implementations. Connect virtual desktops to the Azure update management solution to control your enterprise virtual desktop infrastructure configuration in the cloud.

Get the benefits of virtualising Microsoft SQL Server

Deploy and manage high-performance, scalable SQL Server running on hyperconverged infrastructure. Run your applications with high availability and the flexibility of virtualisation while using Azure Backup and Azure Blob Storage to back up and restore your organisation’s data.

Apply trusted enterprise virtualisation

Use virtualisation-based security and certified hardware to help protect your security-sensitive workloads. Connecting this trusted infrastructure to Azure Security Center activates behavioural analytics and reporting to account for rapidly changing workloads and threats.

Scale-out storage

Combine unmatched storage and performance with validated hardware to centralise your organisation’s file shares. The Azure file sync feature keeps the flexibility, performance and compatibility of an on-premises file server while replacing an aging storage area network or aggregating files from multiple sources.

General-purpose Kubernetes

Enable automated deployment, scaling and management of containerised applications by running a Kubernetes cluster on your hyperconverged infrastructure. Utilize Azure Monitor for containers to deliver a comprehensive monitoring experience to understand the performance and health of your clusters, from infrastructure to application.

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