Operations Management Suite | Security & Compliance

Threat detection and prevention through advanced cloud security

Operations Management Suite Security & Compliance enables security across data center environments, including nodes in your on-premises data centers and other cloud service providers. The service is priced per node. A node is any physical server or virtual machine that is managed by the service. The pricing model for Operations Management Suite Security & Compliance and Azure Security Center are effectively the same. Both are priced per node. Use of Operations Management Suite Security & Compliance will show up on your bill as Azure Security Center. Both services are free for the first 60 days. If you continue to use the service after that period, we automatically start charging for the service at the prices shown below.
Security & Compliance
Security & Audit
Anti-malware solution
Included daily upload data 500 MB
Included data retention 1 month
Price $15/node/month
  • The price is pro-rated per hour. The service only bills for the number of hours that a node sends data – approximately $0.02 per hour (31-day month).
  • The included allocation of upload data is pooled across nodes. For example, if there are 10 nodes connected to the service, then the total allocation of upload data is 5,000 MB per day. The 5,000 MB is pooled across the 10 nodes in such a way that a particular node could upload more than 500 MB in a day, as long as the total data uploaded across all nodes is less than 5,000 MB in that day.
  • Based on observed usage, most nodes other than domain controllers do not cross the included daily amounts.
Additional data and retention

If the uploaded data exceeds the included amounts per day or needs to be stored for longer than a month, overages are charged per the prices below.

Overage meter Price
Additional data uploaded in excess of included daily data $2.3 per GB
Additional retention over one month $0.1 GB/month

Support and SLA

The availability of Security & Compliance is based on the SLA of the underlying log analytics workspace and the automation account resources used. Please see the Log Analytics SLA and Automation SLA for more details.



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