Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights pricing

Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights helps you to grow your business by driving exceptional customer experience. Bring together disparate customer data sets to shed light on every aspect of the customer journey. Gather data and insights for unique, customer-centric campaigns. Empower your organisation with accessible, intelligent Insight. Accelerate time to value with a fully finished application and embedded intelligence.

Pricing details

Customer Insights pricing is based on the profiles and interactions modelled. All storage, computing and hosting for applications leveraging this data is provisioned and included in the pricing.

Customer Insights is currently in preview. The following pricing reflects a preview discount.

Tier Basic Standard
Price (per unit) $- $-
Profiles 100,000 per unit 100,000 per unit
Interactions 1,000,000 per unit per month 1,000,000 per unit per month
KPIs 500 (fixed) 500 (fixed)
KPI value retention Max. 180 days for daily KPIs
Max. 1 week for hourly KPIs
Max. 180 days for daily KPIs
Max. 1 week for hourly KPIs
Segments 100 active segments per unit 100 active segments per unit
Predictive match 1 active policy (fixed)
Up to maximum of 3 draft/inactive policies (fixed)
5 active policies per unit
Additional draft/inactive policies
Predictive scoring 1 active prediction (fixed)
Up to maximum of 3 draft/inactive predictions (fixed)
5 active predictions per unit

Support and SLA

  • No SLA during preview period
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29/month.


  • A profile is a collection of key attributes of an entity, such as a customer, product, market, competitor etc. These attributes can be obtained from multiple data sources to compose the profile.

  • An interaction is any engagement that your organisation has with a profiled entity, such as a customer. For example, an offer made, a purchase transacted, any marketing collateral downloaded or a customer support engagement.

  • An active segment is a dynamically generated audience segment, which is being actively processed daily.

  • A predictive match policy consists of settings that enable a profile or an interaction to be matched with another policy, based on content and context.

  • A prediction model is a machine learning-based prediction of a business outcome. You can use these for predicting outcomes, such as lead qualification, opportunity conversion, account retention or churn etc.

  • You may purchase up to 10 units of the Basic or Standard tier to increase the customer profiles or interactions. For more than 10 units, please contact us.

  • Yes. You can choose to increase the number of Basic or Standard units purchased at any time. If you sign up for the service mid-month or increase the number of units mid-month, your monthly bill will be pro-rated based on the number of days remaining in the month. (For the Customer Insights service, a month is defined as 31 days).

  • Yes, you can reduce the number of units for Customer Insights at any point. The changes will be reflected, effective the next day, and will be reflected on your bill at the end of the month.

  • The Customer Insights subscription can be cancelled from the Azure Management Portal.


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