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  • Partner listings on fall into two categories – technology partners who build ready-made solutions on Microsoft Azure (available on the Azure Marketplace and AppSource), as well as service partners who help customers design, build and manage Azure solutions customised for your business (listed on the Azure Partner Directory).

  • The Azure Marketplace is an online store for certified, open-source and community software applications, developer services and data, pre-configured for Azure.

    The listings on the partner tab come under the Azure Partner Directory which is dedicated to Microsoft’s service partners. These partners design, build and manage Azure solutions that are customised for an organisation’s needs.

  • The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is a broad voluntary partner programme designed to help qualified technology companies build, sell, provide, service and support solutions based on Microsoft technologies. To qualify for the MPN, a technology company must sell or provide more than 75 per cent of its IT solutions and services or derive 75 per cent or more of their total revenues through the external monetisation of their IP solution(s) to unaffiliated third parties (i.e. parties that are not affiliates).

    For more details on the Microsoft Partner Network, visit the MPN page.

  • The MPN is a broad voluntary partner programme that promotes partners’ solutions and services and also provides technical and marketing training, support and specialised networking opportunities.

    The Azure Partner Directory is a listing tool for customers to find partners that specialise in Azure solutions and services. The partners listed in the Azure Partner Directory are a subset of MPN, i.e. the Silver and Gold Cloud Platform competency partners.

  • Partner Center is a part of MPN that is used by services partners and technology partners to promote software applications and professional services to the market. It also helps customers find partner solutions.


  • Both Azure Marketplace and AppSource have well-defined processes to onboard new applications with requirements varying based on the type of application being onboarded. The process and timelines vary depending on the type of artifact (application) that is being published.

  • Service partners can apply to be listed by filling in a form on the Azure Partner Directory.

    To ensure that our customers have exposure to top Microsoft Partners, only those Partners in the Microsoft Partner Network that have a Silver or Gold Cloud Platform competency are listed in the Azure Partner Directory.

    Once you’ve submitted your application to the Azure Partner Directory, we vet the details to ensure correctness and send you a link to the onboarding portal where you can fill in the marketing profile. Once you’ve submitted that profile, it will go live within a period of 3 working days, with the assumption that your submitted profile is complete and correct.

  • The goal of the Azure Partner Directory is to have a listing for customers who need to connect with Partners in the context of leveraging the Azure public cloud offering. With that in mind we are asking partners to describe their business in the context of Microsoft Azure services/solutions they provide that meet a customer’s needs.

    • In general, comply with Azure brand guidelines (e.g. Microsoft Azure, not Windows Azure)
    • Profile must contain a logo (340X148 pixels, .png, .jpg or .jpeg)
    • URL should reference your Microsoft Azure business and not a generic home page
    • Service description should not be generic (e.g. overview of company) but specific to your Microsoft Azure service practice
    • Profile must reference only those Azure services/solutions for which you have an active practice and expertise
  • To become an MPN partner, you must enrol in the MPN programme. This programme is voluntary. Benefits include training, support and networking opportunities. For more information, visit MPN for details.

  • To achieve Silver or Gold MPN Cloud Platform competency, a partner must go through a series of steps including assessments/exams, providing customer evidence, meeting a revenue/consumption threshold etc. For more details, visit the MPN Cloud Platform competency site.


  • On, you can find Technology partners that build ready-made solutions on Azure for you to use in your business. These partner solutions are available on Azure Marketplace and AppSource.

    Additionally, you can also find Service partners to help you design, build, and manage Azure solutions that are customised for your business. You can find these partners on the Azure Partner Directory.

  • The Azure Marketplace currently offers virtual machine images, solution templates and web apps.

  • Yes, there is a community forum, a support forum and a blog.

  • Please contact Azure Support.

  • To report suspected security issues or abuse of Azure, please contact the team which is available 24/7.