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Uncommon Solutions, Inc. helps clients focus on IT and business value. We use Microsoft Azure to chart, deploy, and sustain unique actions needed to make IT enhance their bottom line.

Uncommon Solutions is Microsoft certified with a Gold competency for Devices and Deployment and a Silver competency for Small/ Midmarket Cloud Solutions. We specialize in:

• Azure AD and Identity Deployments: Azure AD results in improved productivity, security, processes, and cost reductions. Employees can access apps and services from wherever they work, using the devices they prefer. And managers easily and securely access the information they need to move quickly and decisively.

• Azure SQL Migration and Deployment Services: Building SaaS aps using Azure SQL Database provides flexibility to support explosive growth and profitable business models. Use Azure SQL to pool resources among groups instead of wasting time and effort by overprovisioning to meet peak demand.

• Power BI Services: Employees having actionable information make more-informed decisions, more quickly. Power BI is the suite of analytic tools recommended to analyze data and share insights with in-memory modeling needed to query large data sets.

About collaboration and the human element: Information becomes value when shared among people who need it – including executives, employees, vendors and customers. Uncommon Solutions helps you define, access and share information – such that information becomes most valuable. Clients seeking a “trusted IT advisor” benefit from our passionate commitment to sustaining truly great IT solutions specifically for their business.

The first step is simple. Contact us to learn how our expertise can help solve your business challenges.

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