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Strategic Products & Services

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Strategic Products and Services (SPS) is a Microsoft National Systems Integrator skilled at optimizing mission-critical software with on-premises or cloud-based servers and services. Our skill provides you with choice and flexibility in deploying end-to-end solutions for your business challenges. With expertise across the various Microsoft productivity and infrastructure stacks, our consultants can provide planning, design, implementation, and support across your entire IT architecture.

Wrapped in Azure—Creating a Stronger Foundation in the Cloud

Even if you have a robust on-premises datacenter, SPS can use Azure to create an overarching IT structure that gives you greater reliability, security, speed, and capacity. Among the many ways we can help you leverage the cloud are through:

• ExpressRoute—You’ll be able to create private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure on your premises or in a colocation environment. You can connect securely through an Exchange provider facility or directly from your existing WAN network.

• Active Directory—You get a customized, cost-effective resource to give users single sign-on access to your applications. You’ll have access to a full suite of identity management capabilities, including multi-factor authentication, device registration, self-service password management, privileged account management, security monitoring and alerting, and much more.

• Azure Site Recovery—In the event of a business disruption, our specialists can help you by orchestrating system and data replication, failover, and recovery of virtual machines and physical servers. Your machines can be replicated to a secure restoration environment on Azure, or to a backup on-premises datacenter anywhere in the world.

How We Approach Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Our team has extensive experience in using Azure’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform to deploy existing and new applications into a hosted environment. Our architectural and development decisions focus on the viability, scalability and delivery your applications. We look at every aspect of the app build, including storage management and machine sizes, provisioning patterns and approaches, and high-availability features. We can also integrate SQL Server, including provisioning virtual machines, as well as accessing and migrating SQL Server data, workloads and resources.

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