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Quick Solutions, Inc.

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Introduction to Cloud and Enterprise Applications Development
Providing custom solutions in on/off premises environments. Quick Solutions uses a custom methodology, SureSolve to deliver high quality solutions to our clients in an efficient and cost effective manner. This methodology borrows the best practices from a number of proven Agile methodologies like Scrum, Feature Driven Development, and Extreme Programming. As with any methodology, SureSolve is not a one size fits all solution. We adjust the tools or techniques to best solve our clients' problems. While the specific tools may change on a project to project basis, the core principles of our methodology do not.

A number of tools, procedures, and facilities are used to ensure that SureSolve is able to meet the principles outlined above. While we may not use each tool for a given project, many of these procedures are consistently implemented across projects at Quick.

·Release Planning
·Feature Decomposition
·Estimation Games
·Planning Games
·Feature Management
·Test Driven Development
·Behavior Driven Development
·Continuous Integration
·Big Visible Charts
·Daily Stand Ups

These facilities within SureSolve may change as project needs dictate, but every one of them has shown significant benefit to our clients. As teams begin to adopt Agile methodologies into their environments, Quick Solutions can help to assess the right mix of process and methodology to add value and accelerate the delivery of the project.

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