Accelerate your business with an Azure free account

Start building your cloud solutions with a $200 Azure credit and free services, plus the advantage of the industry’s most extensive partner network and direct sales force

Why build your business on Azure?

Go-To-Market with Microsoft

Join the most extensive partner network and learn how you can qualify to Go-To-Market with our sales force, which can help you reach customers worldwide, including 90% of the Fortune 500 companies already using Microsoft Cloud.


Buy, build, combine and distribute apps in the business model that works best for you, because Azure doesn’t limit you.

Open source-friendly

Whether you run Linux or Windows, write in Java, Node.js or any other programming language, Azure supports both Microsoft and open-source technologies.

Deep business expertise

From ideation through deployment, use Microsoft technical, marketing and sales resources to help your business grow.

Three ways to start building your cloud business

Advance your Azure business with unique partner resources

Build with Azure

Discover how to turn your intellectual property (IP) into a long-term, profitable business with help from Microsoft. Access platforms, development tools and support to create and test your apps, as well as training to keep your team ahead of the curve.

Grow your business with SaaS apps

Download the SaaS white paper from Keystone Research

Learn more about Microsoft resources for app developers like you

Advance your Azure business with unique partner resources

Offer a managed service

Get customers to the cloud and keep them there by delivering assessments, enablement and operations in the cloud. Design a managed service that adds value for your customers such as IT department-as-a service or custom application development-as-a-service.

Download the Azure Managed Service Provider Guide

Join the Cloud Solution Provider programme

Learn more about Azure in CSP

Advance your Azure business with unique partner resources

Create a services consulting practice

Build your business faster and provide more value to your customer by designing, building and managing Azure solutions that are specific to your customers’ needs.

Discover Azure solutions that map to your business goals

Advance your Azure business with unique partner resources

Resell Azure

Learn how as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner, you can transact across Microsoft cloud services through a single platform. CSP enables partners to own the customer life cycle and relationship end to end.

Azure in CSP

Access partner incentives

Resell Azure through CSP Indirect Providers

Advance your Azure business with unique partner resources